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  • Anyone wanna take Docs at -13.5? That's a steal.

  • lol SCARFO !! Game of the week for sure. Any other games mean anything? I know Gils Docs palying for #1 seed. NTL is # 3 no matter what. Not sure about the rest

  • Doc's & Gils locked up first round byes.

    (3) NTL vs (6) Fusion/ER

    (4) RR vs (5) Crown

  • I like that set up... who plays this week

  • Rr gils.... docs ER.... wat r the other match ups

  • fusion - malvern.

    outkast - rebels

    frogwood - michaels

    pearl - crown

    toms - ntl

  • This is the time for everybody to be talking... not week 1 and 2

  • Bk ill take er +13.5

  • Got enough talent to score wit sbj at the gun. We stop bailey and the old guy wit the visor were good. Scarfo money talks I'm sure of us can put foruth a lack luster effort with right amount of schillings

  • ER beats docs straight up. If you give 13.5 points the only question is how much do you wanna lose?? I don't think you believe you'll beat us bk. Just keep running that mouth.

  • Our team: Me (SBJ), Juice, Brian (Our center), Kev, Nooch, Matty Blaze. Hoping for either Walls or Zach to make it 7. Even with me as the only player who plays both sides of the ball regularly I honestly think we win. Let's make it straight up and if we win you and Adam buy Kev and I a six-pack of our favorite beers, and visa versa (I'm pegging you two down as Natty guys, right?) I'll take a 6er of Newcastle Brown Ale, and Kev can get on here and tell you what he wants you to bring him while you're watching the playoffs from the sidelines courtesy of Doc's.

  • Dogfish head, pumpkin ale.

  • I want in raspberry shock top thanks fran I'm hooked on that shit. But I'm not a huge drinker we can do a simple 25 bucks?

  • I'm in for Sundays game. Unlike BK I think this game is going to be tight. Er is playing a playoff game. Lose and their season is over. Win and they see another day. We are missing 4 of our regular players and while the rest of our team is solid we haven't played together on the field much. I would call it a pick em or maybe docs -2.5 because sbj is the qb

  • Wallsy, we play Saturday!

  • Lol natty bk?? That's fucked up. I'll take that bet, count me in for a 6 pack of golden monkey.

    Btw to juice and scarfo, where are all the eagles fans now? #howboutthemcowboys

  • My bad. Ill be there tomorrow. Is Zach coming

  • I know you'd do the same for me, yes he is.

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