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  • Anybody know anything?

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  • Doc's 36 Rebels 26

    RR -28 HVAC - 14

    Pearl -0 NTL -2 (forfeit)

    Frog wood - 14 Outkast - 35 or 28

    Duffers was up 21-6 when we left Biden.

  • So duffers lost

  • 21 18 duffers

  • Next week games are going to mean a lot to some.

    Oh by the way...where are the rankings now?

  • Who won the ER Tom's game?

  • Who won the ER Tom's game?

  • Er

  • Er 14-9. Who do fusion and rr have left?

  • I think if ER beats Doc's they are in over Fusion.

  • Fran true, but SBJ is going to lead a half assed Docs team to a win...Peck you cant come on herre

  • I can't come on here?? Stop. You guys are in trouble

  • No chance Doc's wins next week...

  • Suck me, Fran. BK and his disciples win huge over a fully-loaded ER 365 days out of the year and 366 on a leap yer. spread is still Doc's -7 1/2

  • I dunno about all that son

  • All hail SBJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Scarfo is now Docs biggest fan.

  • Peck can't cover juice that is the match up docs and sbj will exploit

  • Gonna have my pom poms ready

  • Might be a good idea to forefit against er rather play er in the playoffs then fusion at some point

  • If frogwood didn't protest that game ER would b in

  • Juice that makes sense... Why let the stronger team in... but do you want to mess up your perfect season?

    Docs say they can beat everyone prove it. #IJS

  • Why give someone an easy playoff game. I'd rather see the RR's play Fusion than ER in the playoffs.

  • Actually er was given the win for the game...they never made er forfeit which is beyond me

  • Really juice? Makes sense but u and I both know competitors want to beat the best

  • So this whole season I could have had Leo or PJ play and we wouldn't have had to forfeit

  • I dont see Docs lying down and would be highly disappointed if they do. But watching Scarfo squirm is for the ages. LOL

  • We want another unbeaten season. We'd never lay down. Good news for ER is that we are missing 4 2-way players this weekend. Bad news is SBJ will be there!

    This season should be a lesson to teams that take the regular season lightly and just wait for the playoffs to have full teams. Shit happens and 4 teams will get left out.

    10 teams in the A playoffs is 4 too many anyway. The A division is supposed to be the competitive division not everyone makes the playoffs.

  • Marinos son Cannot wait for Saturday

  • Stfu

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