• 1. RR - been solid all year, tough loss with goody. Phil showed last year that he could do well on his own, but he doesn't have a Coleman at wr this fall. Defense is pretty damn tough when everyone is there.

    Browns- move to second after beating docs. Still need a rusher to contend seriously for chip. Have a lot of talent everywhere else.

    Docs - air of invincibility is gone. How do the recover going into playoffs?

    Duffers- still tough even with limited roster.

    Nfus- won three in a row, tough game this week hopefully they can keep the momentum.

    ER- on a 3 game skid, but should win final two.

    Crown - started hot by beating browns, but have fizzled out. Lack of participation has always been there problem

    Toms- have some decent athletes, took a step back this fall

    Rebels- played some close games, winning and losing are habits and right now they have a bad habit of losing.

    Blackstone- try and play the spoiler fellas

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  • I agree with the placement of the teams.

    RR- have played the best ball since Middletown tourney largely due to Phil playing the Qb position the best and anchored by a fast and strong D. Other strength is game management and use of players and game scheme. Yes I just patted myself on the back. Weakness is inconsistency and experience at the WR position. Having said that Lilly runs the best routes in the league and Lank and Flakes are the two fastest players in the league. Gabe n B are underrated and Horse is tuff in the end zone. Losing Goody is another weakness. All in all our biggest obstacle will be time. Will we have enough time to adjust losing Goody, that will be the deciding factor. I'm confident.

    Browns- came out of the gate slow and unorganized. Cost them two games. Strength is in the skill players and also experience and very tuff on D when u look who they line up. Other strength is Burn. Weakness is cannot handle adversity and difficulty when behind. No rusher other than Burn and that hurts. Burn can get inconsistent and can have turn overs. How PJ n Sedale get along will b big. PJ say the use a DP I didn't see it

    Docs- playing pretty much the same way. I think Bk playing Qb hurt the team all around but they ate the same team which is good and bad. Good because they play together and know their game plan. Bad because they are not deep and pretty much play like Docs all the time and can get predictable. Problem is u need the team to beat them. Two loses could have just as easy been two wins. Docs is unchanged

    Gil's- undermanned but they never really have a lot of guys. If the stay healthy they can compete. Gil's goes as the D goes. If the D is in they can beat us all. Hope Conti n the rest stay healthy to contend in playoffs

    NFus- don't sleep. Scarfo usually gets attendance for playoffs. Question will be can they put it together. Scarfo is a little rusty still. We just don't know what team they will field but trust me it will be a better team than have fielded all year. Will see. Don't expect that good of a D either way. Hard to get tight just putting guys together at the end even if they are vets

    ER- always pretty strong on O. No different this year. D always let's them down no different this year. Only lost to the " old" teams and not by much. Expecting them to get passed first rounds and then anything can happen but they need to play some D

    CR- pretty much the same. Attendance attendance attendance. Will see what teams shows and how they play. Still have to play them hard.

    Toms- scrappy bunch of good athletes. Just don't have a legit Qb. They get the most of their guys talent

    On O just don't get it really down on D. They will HVAC somebody and make known as getting TOMed. I like how hard they play and never take them lightly

    Rebels- Blake is tuff but then they fall off. Need more players on both sides. Play no D and are inconsistent. BUT played Browns real close so go figure.

    Blackstone beat who? CR? And came close to beating Gils I think. Anyway... Point is u still have to play them because they play hard too.

    These rankings are fun but basically any team can beat any team. Believe it. Like I said.... Rank me # 1 with the chip

  • RR - Good defense and good offense. I think you see how well your defense is against a more athletically inclined team (ER). However, you are REAL as you are undefeated. Losing Goody is a tougher loss than you admit, but as you say, time will tell. You get good practice this Sunday against Toms, don't lose this one. You will have a tough enough game against us :)

    Browns - Started out slow, but I knew we would pick up the speed. Needed to get guys in place and figure out the best way to play defense. Me and Sedale are fine, don't expect anyone to understand it lol but we good. I call the defense, all he and everyone else needs to do is execute the play. When we do, we get stops and wins in exchange. Our offense is sick, we can score whenever we want. Just a matter of doing it. Burn still need to work on slowing the game down and managing the game a little better, but this is a team thing. Don't think there is a defense that can stop us, If burn isn't throwing pics then we are scoring every drive.

    Docs - Good team, great structure but poor attitude. Think they

  • SHOULD win because they have in the past, which is blinding them seeing how challenging teams like toms, ER or Browns can actually be. Don't sleep on anyone, you'll get beat. Need to humbled, and I think the browns served them a full course meal from that menu. BUT, they will be top 4 so we will play again.

    Gils - I get it, not enough players. Should be easier to win though, normally is bc you don't have to manage the game and playing time simultaneously. These guys will be top 4 though. They are still pretty good and will send someone home first round.

    NTLFU - Bob and Boo are two really good QBs. I don't understand how they were losing in the beginning but I couldn't figure it out for my own team either. They have the talent, but do you have the right people? No Leo is big and doesn't sound like he will be joining the force, i hope he does though bc everyone should want to play against top talent. No little Jon on Saturdays is also big. But he will be there Sunday, so I'm sure Browns will have to play top notch defense. Defense needs help, severely. If you

  • don't have defense, but play against a team that has great defense, does not sound like a plan for success. But I wouldn't sleep on these guys and I won't. I'm ready for Sunday.

    ER - Solid team. Have a few athletes and JP is a pretty good QB. Not winning the big games though (RR, GIL'S, Docs). They beat us, but at the hands of Burn having a bad game. Not gonna happen twice!

    CR - I don't know what to say. Lack of a team. You guys talk all this loyal shit but no one shows up to the game and that's BS. Only thing your loyal at is losing. Then you pick up people who can't help you, pointless. But I get it, gotta do what you must to field a team. Are these people even on the roster lol. Doubt it, but who cares, well someone will if you beat them in the playoffs. I agree w Rod, despite your lack of effort and low commitment levels to field a better CR team each week teams still need to play you hard. You beat us once, not happening again.

    Toms - You guys need a QB and the current QB can play DP or WR. Mr. jones (#9) I do like, he plays hard and is a solid WR. Your

  • defense can be better, but you don't like advise from the sideline lol. Pissed me off that you almost eat Docs and failed to get a 3 yard first down. You don't even need to run a route for that, hike it, pick a person, throw it and win the fukn game. You guys are frustrating but I like watching you play. Top 4???? Hmmmmm depends on who you play first round, you have the ability to send someone home but you gotta be hungry for a win.

    Blackstone - Good team, just need to finish the game. Gus gotta make plays when needed. You could have beat Toms but you guys had too many dropped balls when you needed them. Then pic at the end of the game, terrible. BUT you beat an athletic Rebels, so good job.

    Rebels - Total disappointment to me. Should have way more wins! Defense isn't bad, just to soft. Everyone on the defense except Blake plays wayyyyyy to passive!! Stop being soft, and stop worrying about getting neat deep. Play aggressive, go for the pic fuck the flag! If Rey score because you were too aggressive then so want, your losing anyway. Time to start gambling. Blake

  • takes the snap way too deep (15 yards), then you go to throw a 10 yard stop for the first down. Well you get my point, 25 yards is a long way for that ball to travel just to get a first down at 10 yards. Stop running so much, you for good WR's. Mike is the man and he has proven to be your #1. Get him the ball and stop fuckn around. The tall dude needs to play better, could have tied the game against Browns but he dropped the ball. How you do that anyway, seemed harder to drop it than to catch it O_o. I THINK they will send someone home first round. If there is only one round of playoffs then they will be top 4.

    RR, Gils, Rebels (one round playoff), Browns

    RR, Docs, NTLFU, Browns (if two rounds playoffs)

    Champion - Browns of course.

  • Sorry about the format. But I can't seem to type long lines on my phone anymore. Ah well. Enjoy.

  • Pretty good analysis pj

  • I have to agree with just about everything that was said and where yall ranked the teams, with that being said this is the first year i believe that there are 4 or 5 teams that could possibly win the championship. lol at benny the jett statement it is harder to drop a ball then catch it, ummmm you cant talk browns had a 3 and 8 play to keep the drive moving along against crown you drop it, hit you right in your hands good pass, ultimately browns loses. hahahahahahaha.

    RR- of course playing well right now so they are gonna be in the hunt

    Docs- of course is in the hunt even after a tough loss

    Gils- always there very smart team plays very well together bad loss to docs but will be there

    The 2 teams that could be there that havent been there in the past have a shot to win it all.

    Browns- new team old faces very athletic, only thing i see hurting them is everyone in burn ear and he does something stupid, hes known to through pic, limit that and they are tough

    ER- watch a bunch of there games they are underrated and i think could have a shot

    CR- even with everyone there and yes they are on the roster, it just might not be enough would have to play mistake free football and for the most part it usually doesnt happen could they maybe upset someone in playoffs yes but not the whole thing

    Toms- i have yet to figure this team out they are in almost every game i watch and if they could just find a QB they would be good. could upset someone

    Rebels- you never know with them its like one day they look like contenders and then other days they look like a capitol trail league team so who knows

    Fusion-had to put them last just to mess with bobby, i believe you guys are a bubble team because of your past no one sleeps on a bobby scarfo team, after playing you i wasnt impressed but i do realize you were missing people and we all know how those fusion teams get put together and the end of season. So fusion has a legit shot to win.

    QUOTE OF THE YEAR: "LET ME SEE YOU DO THAT AT THE AGE OF 51" lol the guy was stopping in front of the 1st down line

  • Lmao no he wasnt RT! That guy had no idea about that shit like 99 % of other kick returns. And I got his ass the next kick off so now what?!? U just don't know greatness when I see it. Lol Ands its 50! U won't b doing shit in a couple of years forget 40!!

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  • Lol you are right he didnt know but it still the quote of the year thus far

  • Hmmmm your gonna live that one down huh RT. Well, I won't defend it much, but I will say it wasn't 4th down. However, I've dropped two balls thrown to me this season and I have a number of TDs. My hands are legit lol enough said.

  • I hate to say it but I think the loss against the browns will help us going into the playoffs. I can't speak for all of us but I know it has me pumped up. I can agree with the rankings, but I don't think they will look the same at the end.

  • I agree Danny. I think the losses to RR and Browns has lit a fire under our belly, but we need to capitalize. I think we know what's needed. Not time for talk anymore though, time to play ball.