Preseason Power Rankings

  • 1. Docs - winners, have solid athletes that know how to play and play together. Added Talley and OJ, but lose BK which hurts. Talley is the ultimate weapon and can play anywhere and OJ gives them a big corner. Expect them in the finals

    2. Bengals - Lots of athletes, lots of egos. Tournaments are different then seasons, people dont mind rotating when they play 3 games a day. If everyone stays together will be a very good team and tough to beat.

    3. RR - Alot of questions. Lose Goody and Khalil , but add Booker and get Coleman back from injury. Need a double passer and need to figure out the lb situation. We all know Rodney has something cooking and Phil is going through the local gyms looking for

    Everyone else

    4. Duffers - solid in all aspects, great at none. Always do well in regular season but cant finsih. They are getting long in the tooth and rarely add new talent. Will hurt against the top 3

    5. Rebels - Still not a believer, added some pieces but are they the right pieces. Added speed with Bailey but hands are to suspect to be a good wr. Thats why he was always in the backfield. Needs to cut down on turnovers and needs a quality rusher. With out one has no chance of cracking the top 3

    6. NTL/ER - lose Bailey. Played well in the money tourney but what impact players do they have? Could be a long season

    7. Toms - sneaky team, have decent athletes and offensive scheme is odd. Put up alot of points but defense just can't match up in the A. If they can get a few stops they could be a sleeper

    8. Crown - Change at Qb but have no WR left. Have Basil coming back but lose CJ and RT. Need a rusher

    9. Browns - Had to rebuild. Shane at qb? LMAO good luck. That ass gonna pucker in big games. Guy is a sub .500 qb in the A. Atleast you will hear some entertaining things coming from his mouth.

    10. Blackstone - PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

    11/12 - Team O/Highlife welcome to the A divsion. Good Luck u will need it

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  • pretty wack how no one is posting and discussing this - i think everyone is scared to hype there team up and then fail in the long run. I want to hear from RR.

  • NTL/ER will be moving up on your rankings next week.....That's all you need to know...Great team great chemistry....

  • Lol yea right Timmy. Heard yall got smashed in your latest practice. Why y'all leave RR anyway?

  • Lol yea right Timmy. Heard yall got smashed in your latest practice. Why y'all leave RR anyway?

  • Tim why did y'all leave RR?

  • Bob get yr ass back to PT and stop worring about what were doin

  • I think the rankings are accurate. I'm excited....

  • Docs should be #2 though

  • Games a DEF tmorrw!?!? Dont wanna drive all the way from Sussex to find we arent playing! Wanna get up there, throw 5 TDs and get back down! Bengals in a route, move to #1 after a Docs shocking loss.. And Danny suspending Franny..

  • I think the rankings are accurate. I'm excited....

  • I think the rankings are accurate. I'm excited....

  • I did some Off Season Training this year and Love when 'THE POWER RANKINS' come out! create excitement! LOL. DOCS Don't Have BK!!? What happened!? last year I reframed from doing to much talking, but this year I'm talking Before, During and after every game! I'm willing to bet any game!? I think we have great pieces put in place! The moment you combine enough of the right pieces together to complete the puzzle, it's up to the team to put it all together. Can't wait until the $300 Money game versus DOCS, Please Bring CASH!!! lol

  • When is this game