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  • Go Crown!!!!!!!

  • Crown is no longer in the playoffs... ER will take their place. I'm sorry, but that is some funny shit after reading all these pro- CR posts. You need to be more responsible and turn in your rosters... Thought that was basic stuff...

  • Crown is in sorry jesus

  • Why would I care either way? I'm just going by what the county told me...

  • County just ask me brother I got u

  • Joe turned in our rosters and the county lost em. Yall ain't off the hook that easy. Go Crown

  • Danny got cut RT haha? That's to funny. Speaking of grass anyone know how del rec is looking right now field wise? That be a shitty way to get knocked out the playoffs. Rod I agree would like to watch all games. Sucks we can't set it up that way. Question if you had to pick one team other then your own based on talent not who u like wats the piicks. I take fusion

  • You guys were 5-5. Trust me, not worried.

  • RT, got cut???? STOP ..I have never been cut from anything. Your writing improved in your last post, but I dont think crowns chip chances did. lol...Who is Gils missing? Bobby, you know damm right well I didn't say that. Stop trying to cover up your lies. Why would you rather play us this weekend?

    SBJ, tell the boards about your Tuesday night I thiink everyone will enjoy.

    Rod, sounds like you don't have the same confidence you did in RR that you had in the past...

  • Duffers may be without steve because of basketball. Still a chance he will be there.

  • Steve is the head coach, so he can schedule practice or a scrimmage around it

  • Lol...doesnt necessarily work that way but ok

  • Trust me I'm going to show yall Y yall should be worried about Crown...@BK everybody is 0-0 right now records don't matter...I had to deal with 1 disappointing playoff loss this fall already I'm not goin let that happen again...and for the record we were 6-4 lost to NTL, Duffers, Docs and RR...can't speak on the duffers game but all 3 other games came down to the last drive just food for I told @Danny @BK hold up yalls side n i will see to it that we meet yall in the championship...

  • Go Crown!!!!!

  • Go Crown

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