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  • First I'm going to make what I feel will be an unpopular statement and say that I'm pleased with the 6-team playoff. I know some teams got dicked which sucks, but I feel like going forward this is the format that should be the norm. 1.) There will be more time for make-up games and 2.) Regular season games will be more meaningful, thus more exciting. How do you guys feel about this and next weeks playoff matchups?

    NTL/Fusion goes on to play Docs

    RR/Crown goes on to play Duffers


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  • I dont have a problem with a 6week playoff if its stated at the beginning. And teams should not get in if less then .500.

  • Very true BK. The "A" division should be tough to make the playoffs. There is no reason that the league should let in 10 of the 14 teams. It reminds me of Smitty's winter league where everyone makes the playoffs format. Not to mention it would keep people from coming on here after a loss and talking about how the regular season doesnt matter. Good job by the county with the changes.

    The only team I feel for is Tom's but all they had to do was beat ER and they would be in the playoffs. Don't know how they beat NTl but lost to ER.

  • We had 7 guys boo had to play d it was a mess but they won

  • I am. Moreso pleased wit the teams that r in the playoffs... think these are the strongest 6

  • It should be an exciting weekend. Any team can win. The team that limits TO's and plays solid D will win the whole thing. I am excited to watch the NTL and Fusion game. I am sure both teams will be fully loaded. Hopefully both teams beat up on each are both teams thinking???? NO trash talk???

  • The county does that for every A division in all sports. Their belief is that teams in the top division should get rewarded because it is tougher. In softball all 10 teams in the top division makes a playoff. The county didn't change anything because they felt it was best competition wise, they only changed it because they didn't want to play longer in December and not give refunds for teams not playing 10 games.

    8 is a good number. 6 is too few....Having too few teams make the playoffs means more games at the end mean less.

  • Zo, if the A stays at 14 teams which it should not, then I would say 8 is a good number. I think 10 teams in the A is a good number with 6 making the playoffs. With 10 teams in the division all the games thoughout the season will be meaningful for most of the teams.

  • BTW...WHere is Ollie? Guy is like a ghost. Lets go Oliver, it's playoff time and you have ur most hated team in the first

  • Some things I am curious to see..... CR... ollie hasn't played in two weeks wit CR so what's the chemistry like... is he DP or takin the snaps...

    NTL... who were they missing last week that they lost to toms.. (not saying toms is bad cuz they beat RR) but its the fire power NTL has... ppl have been saying they need to work on that D anyway... bad time to be missing guys... especially when ur going into playoffs and fusion is ur first game...

    Who is fusion gonna have... some of their key plays haven't been able to play this season... so how much chemistry is there... (I still say plenty) but we will rite here....

    Docs was short guys last week but the score still shows a convincing win... tough to beat a team that talks football all week and gameplans over the phone and also simply takes wats given... nothing super special here... jus consistancy

    Along wit gils... must say they beat a strong RR team without Stephen in case no one noticed... but it was on a play 7... so no clear domination in this game.... but a lot of fight by gils.... they have also showed consistancy in the win column

    As for RR... a very strong team... but like Doc said, we need a complete game on both sides of the ball...

    Maybe some of u will have something to say now

  • Danny I understand what u r saying and I believe reg season games does mean something but even with 10 teams u have meaningless games the last couple of weeks. Like the fall u guys won. RR played a tough ER team and u guys played Gils. That wouldn't have happen if it was only 6. Nor would u guys have lost to HVAC.

    Each year you generally have 3-4 consistent winning teams year to year and the rest a bunched but u have more than 6 teams capable of winning.

  • Zo, u made a good point... ER def shoulda won in the fall

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  • Except ur slow ass got run down by goody who was 20 yds behind u

  • Thats y I stopped playin offense all together

  • So still nobody has anything to say.... how about ur all fuckn BUMS... I was doback

  • Go Crown!!!!!!!

  • Fuck crown

  • Not much to say from us, everyone knows who and what we are(lucky lol). Kinda tough for us to say anything other than we're gonna beat your asses since we don't know who we're gonna play yet.

    Not sure if we wanna play the more athletic but undisciplned NTL or the less athletic but smarter Fusion.

  • Luv you to Trav! dont expect the same outcome as last time we met, should be a good game though but I fully expect us to come out with the W

  • Trav, both 9am games will be a dogfight, but I think the fusion and NTL game could even come down to plays. Fusion has been here enough to make them tough to beat and NTL had a lot of speed on O so they will be tough. I dont see the overly confident Ollie saying anything, so maybe he isn't gona show up this weekend???haha...Not sure why these 4 teams aren't saying much about the game. I can't wait to watch. Wonder if the Pearl guys are gona come cheer Ollie on???

  • Wtf.. its about time y'all said somum... black, the first game was a good game... I wouldn't expect anything less... I would def go watch the NTL game... docs def has the toughest road to a win... I don't even kno who fusions has that's gonna show up.... bottom line, the time is now!

  • Who knows who we will have. We will show up and play and do what we can. The first game was pretty close with one of their TD coming on a controversial kick return that should have been blown dead. They were missing jon and mimi and we were missing sweat, me, tate, and flame. So these 6 will be there this weekend so we shall see.

  • Guess everybody is waiting for Ollie to start talkin...1st Imma say we got the exact path to the Championship that Ollie wanted...we've played every team in our way to the Championship except for Fusion and we lost to all of them the 1st time around what better way to get payback than the playoffs...1st up is RR's this is where we see how much regular season really mattered...and for the record the regular season still didn't matter just think about it in the beginning of the season what 6 teams would we all have picked to make the playoffs??? It was never a secret as to who the top 6 teams were...aside from RR and NTL losing to Tom's none of the non playoff teams beat any of the playoff teams so its no point in them crying about how many teams made the playoffs the only team that could argue is Toms...

  • Oh and fusion lost a couple to non playoff teams...but fusion stinks LOL...

  • Lol...

  • Some changes to playoff schrdule...fusion vs crown and ntl vs rr. Fussion crown winner has duffers and winner of ntl and rr gets docs.

  • Fusion wins bringing there ringers from up philly. Don't. Change much for docs hoping NTL gets knocked out. Rather play an older team such as rr or fusion then younger guys in a back to back situation. With that being said I think rr wins based on experience. Both teams are turnover prone so that will be the deciding factor

  • Lol....back to back favors older teams. That sitting and waiting is what fucks up us old guys. Dont warm up as fast

  • Ollie, Crown and Fusion didn't beat any playoff teams so that non playoff teams not beating playoff teams statement means nothing.

  • Fuck u trav ur a bum so now we get fusion even better I want to beat scarfo so bad ever since I thought we were cool n he charged me 850 for crown on the rocks Damn ring something else in lol docs won't be in championship Danny will choke he can't see over his line, rr loses to Dan the man, Rodney bring the black back not grey, who does play for fusion other then that guy who never ages, since all the thugs are gone

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