Playoff times

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  • Docs loves the playoffs. What is everyone thinking? Any upsets?

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  • Docs falls to ER on their way to an unlikely championship.

  • I told u to stop using drugs. Lol

  • I like the sound of that Fran!

  • I think everyone is scared to talk about playoffs.

    Toms over Blackstone

    RR over Toms

    Fusion over Duffers

    Fusion over RR

    Rebels over ER

    Docs over Rebels

    Browns over CR

    Browns over Docs

    Browns over Fusion

  • If fusion doesn't bring out there playoff talent, they lose to Duffers. I take RR over duffers. Then Browns over RR, angry rematch!!

  • browns was super lite!!!! the regular season was lite and so will be the playoffs..... rr wins the chip simple as that nothing else to talk about...only way rr dnt win is if i get hurt


  • Lol yea we were pretty lite. Can't argue with you in that. Won't happen again, but until I'm able to prove otherwise, y'all got that. Don't get sent home first round though.

  • Right P that makes perfect sense RR beat ur ass but you say we would lose to NFus no surprise there that u would say that you been wrong all year picking against us but then Browns would beat NFus after NFus was good enough to beat RR who kickeded Browns assPerfect logic. I understand it completely. I want to play Browns again just to kick ur ass off the field again but I don't think you get past ur own bracket. RR I like our chances.

    I think all games will be competitive but I think Gils v NFus will be the tuffest. Doesn't matter who Scarfo has there plus he will be out so tuff task against Gils. Wish I could watch

  • Dude. Your so up tight because I got you losing to fusion. I think they will beat you if there while playoff team is there. You guys didn't show me shit when y'all beat us to be honest. Burn had a fucked up game that's all. Deep bomb before half (TD), that was a fluke. OJ drops the pic and Lilly runs it in for a td, fluke. Phil runs in two tds, yet this was good but people like me sedale and burn who are excellent at pulling flags were not so excellent that day. Your WR core didnt do shit bro, and your defense sucks except for your LB core and rusher. Your secondary is trash. If burn was on the money we would have lit your asses up.

    So yes, if Scarfo has his playoff team, and you happen to play them, your going home.

  • And if we see you in the ship we will be dogging you. So get mad all you, I don't care. Supposed to have to much speed in the secondary sedale, twain and even myself was running pass your corners. It's over for you people if we play again. And I hope we play again. But we won't bc you'll lose to fusion. Get mad bout that big guy.

    And you know what funny. You were screaming all that roster checking shit at the start of the game. Soons you went up by 2 tds at half you weren't saying shit. Had we been beating you, different story huh?

    Shhhhhhhh rod

  • Lol@P

    I have to speak up for Rod on that one, he yelled roster check to be a smart ass right away he said "I dont give a fuck who they have, makes it even sweeter to bust their ass" FOTF

    Funny how yall go at each other though lol

  • You guys are funny. I think we could easily beat rr, just as easily as they could beat us. RR has the talent and chemistry to run the table. We can all say if this and that when we played them. The thing is we are all saying it because they won and we lost. They are the better team now, playoffs could be different or we can see what we saw in the last 2 tourneys and that's RR hoisting the trophy. We are gonna have to step our game up fellas

  • Crown should have everyone there so watch out. Rematch of week 1 and we know how that ended. Browns first round exit I'm predicting.

  • Your team sucked whoever u had. And we all know who NFus will have. It's not like we haven't played and beaten them but its all good because like Scarfo said they can beat us and we can be beaten by th but not by u bums P. you can't have tooany excuses for 26-0 BUMS!! FuCK off the field! Lol

  • why everytime we win i hear "oh we had a bad game" damn we cant get no fuckin props...we all grown men nd shit but i keep hearin excuses like we in high said the same shit!!!! why cant we b dat good like damn smh


  • stop Derrick. We came on hear n said good game n didn't make excuses. What else would u like me to say?

  • Rod tell me what your weak ads receiving core did against us bums. You'll see.

    Bob your being to nice. You dont have to speak this way. Stop it. Tell him what you really feel. You know you guys will beat them.

    Fuck it. I'll say it again. If fusion has there playoff team, RR is going home. You make it to us in the ship in sending you packing. Talk all that shit bout 27-0. Cool, not a big deal. You KNOW that game was a fukn fluke. Stop playing yourself and act like you got some fukn sense.


  • And is FOTH

  • Facebook user, be happy u don't play docs at 9am in the second round bc u know how bad u bums are at 9

  • Put your fucking predictions up rod. You get so damn stupid bc someone picks against your team. So the fuck what. This is why people aren't predicting anymore. Because you people get bent out of shape when you don't agree. Well guess what rod, you aren't GoD, and you aren't always right, and you definitely don't know every fucking thing.

    So shut up.

  • True Danny. But we will be playing at 9am in the chip.

  • p i keep tellin u yall not winning shit wit burn at qb...he is a dp not a qb.....nd ya defense sucks ass!!! how do yall expect to win without a rusher!!! cuz u cant rush for shit...@danny u rite i thought yall was sayin we only won cuz yall d played bad..but wen i checked the old messages yall didnt say dat so my bad lol



  • Why u getting stupid PJ. God? Really? Oh so u can say shit but I can't. WTF did u expect me to say u dumb fuck. Oh sure I agree with you. Ur so dumb. I don't know everything but I know Browns got there ass kicked 26-0 so if we lose to NFus in the playoffs I wouldn't be picking Browns over NFus which I wouldn't anyway but def wouldn't if they just beat RR. Lol. I don't make predictions because then I would as rediculous as you picking the Browns over better teams because we all are going to pick our selves. Don't know why ur getting all stupid. Only a fool would lose 27-0 and say it was a fluke. Smh but that games doesn't matter. To be real I'm sure you can and will play better. Hope you do then u can at least say u win something cuz Browns ain't won a damn thing to be chirpping so much. Lol.

  • P not being nice just being real. We moved the ball easy on them, but made mistakes and them jumped on them like good teams should do and made us pay.

  • No Scarfo them giving up 27 and scoring a big 0000000 was a fluke. Our D sucks but they couldn't score a single point so then Browns O must be horrible. Phil did good running but only because their good flag pullers weren't good that day. Phil made u bad!!! Lol if I don't agree with him I think I'm God. Aren't we suppose to talk shit to each other. PJ doesn't even speak a little real. It's all Browns Browns Browns when fo real the Brownies ain't win shit and he is taking about everybody else except about CR the team he has to play that beat them. How f n dumb is that!!! Got a lot to learn. Amateur. Lol don't get mad passed ur curfew P just taking back.

  • You know 27-0 was a fluke. You know it and won't admit it. But it's ok. Your secondary sucks, it's truth. It Dan played better it would have been a different outcome. If OJ made that pic it would have been a different outcome. We learned from this game. Do you can yell 27-0 all you want, you it was a fluke.

    Your the one getting stupid because I said you were going to lose to fusion. Why wouldn't I say Browns will win everything you fukn retard. It's my team. Fuck wrong with you.

    I'm talking shit to you and not Scoop because you started being disrespectful because I said you were going to lose.

  • All I know is don't look past us cuz it will bite u in the ass. We gonna have everyone there so no excuses. Good luck to yall.

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