playoff spread

  • NTL -7 1/2 RR+ 7 1/2

    CR-6 1/2 Fusion + 6 1/2

    Docs +9 1/2 NTL/RR

    Duffers +3 1/2 CR/Fusion -3 1/2

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  • Ok. I will take RR plus the 7.5 for 50. Docs plus the 9.5 against either team for 250 and fusion plus 6.5 for 50. Thanks for the money buddy

  • Damn Danny I work at t Mobile that's a lot of money lol, i would take rr wash but would bet the other2

  • OK RT, as a poor man like you, I'll take the same bets as Blase Daniel but take the zeroes off.

  • RT, were u drunk when u made these lines?

  • RT what they're tryin to say is yr +'s should be -'s and ur -'s should be+'s...well than and some of em are too high...

  • 9.5 is a lot to give to the RR's. We've won the last 4 by a total of around 10 vs them.

  • Ud be the worst bookie ever!!

  • Jesus Christ fucking figure it out

  • And o yea Danny u said make this post to get others people spreads to n we would come up with s number

  • Soo... RT let's hear your Championship playoff spread. We getting 9.5 again?