PJ is quiet

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  • nd u ok at wr lol

  • Lol I never see Gabe getting the ball. Good WRs will complain if they don't get the ball. Good QBs will tell them shut up, and find ways to get them the ball. This isn't an issue for us, and it's never divided our offense. We gucci.

    Plan B is play harder when faced with adversity.

    There is no plan C or D.

    Yea I agree. It's gonna be a good game.

  • "good wide recievers wont complain if they dont get the ball" then be a great wide reciever and get open so then you dont have to complain.

  • That was dumb to say about Gabe not getting the ball, Since I've been his qb all he does is score! you just ask him how happy he is he'll tell you lol smh sad

    Derrick is a better rusher stop!

  • Na Danny is better.

    Not about happiness. I know he happy where he at bc he still there. When I see him play, I don't see him getting the ball. He might get a few. Under utilized, which is why he is underrated. How can you be highly utilized and still under rated. Not sad, fact.

    Bird I said good WR complain bc they aren't getting the ball. They expect to be the star that they are known to be. This is why thy want the ball. And normally they are open. And if not open, they don't care, they believe they will make a pay regardless. WR who are not this confident won't ask for the ball in tight games bc they think they won't be able to make a big play.

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  • O yea Phil and Rodney... last time we talked I said I wasn't going to bet there.... changed up the weekend... See y'all tomorrow.

  • That's not true at all, what is sad is Gabe has more tds & catches than Cash & Mimi fact! From them not me!

    speak about what you know not 2 games you've seen. Cya tomorrow

  • P ur way off on Gabe. He does work all the time. Some games more than others some less. No one WR can really go off in this league. You only get 4 maybe 5 possessions. Learn the game!!! Lol. We will make sure not to throw Gabe the ball at all tomorrow. Lol.

    Who cares OJ!! Nah cya tomorrow.

  • Did you throw Gabe any tds when you played fusion or docs or Gil's? No! Fact. Everyone else maybe. But not where it mattered. Think you both are missing the point here. I'm not saying Gabe sucks. He is very good. I said under utilized. Mimi hasn't been able to make all games, but if he did your statement would not make sense. Cash gets pics and scores on both sides the ball, you want to add that up? I can give you the stats if so. Fact!

    Rod I know the game well. You know this. So stop it. And throw him the ball all game. I don't care. It's getting picked off. Throw it to flakes since he so fast. I don't care, it's getting picked off. I never said ONE person would get off, you two said that.

    Browns over and out.....

  • I'm speaking on what I was told by them! Ihaven't been to most of your games doesn't matter to me I'm showing you how you shouldn't speak on something you don't know about!

    Gabe killed fusion! FACT. this whack peace.

  • No comment it so weak. Lol cya tomorrow P

  • Ollie misses this!!! And Ollie says shit give him the WR that want's the ball all the time, as a WR you should want the ball every play...

  • I don't know why you two are so angry.

    Thanks Ollie. This was my point. Of you dont ask for it, it's bc you know you ain't bout to do shit w it lol.

  • And I seen the game. Háve disnt score offensively. And he wasn't killing them offensively. He did great on defense. But he was under utilized on offense.

    It's cool. Browns and Cougars. Gonna be a good game. I'm excited. Doing my jumping jacks as we speak.

  • Ayy Facebook User we gone need you to start talking in some type of English so we can understand what your saying...LOL...

  • I would enjoy watching this game. Interested to see who steps up on d for rr to fill goody's shoes. I am assuming rr will go without a dp from here on out. I don't see this game being high scoring. I like both teams D. Pj n sedale at lb are very tough. Will browns make any changes on d? Not having a kicker may hurt browns. Who wins the turnover battle? These are the games that make it fun to play.

  • Lol smh

    Gabe scored against Fusion & Gils...ask Bob. Btw Gabe doesn't play D.

  • Boring who the fuck cares. Get the ball don't get the ball. Nobody is mad P. I would have to care about the stupid shit that comes out ur mouth to care. Your ass must jealous from all the shit that comes out ur mouth. Child's game. Lets se if this Brownies team lasts longer than the extinct Bengals team. U guys have so much to learn. You don't know so much that you don't even know you don't know. U probably won't see this because u have a FB curfew. LMAO

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