PJ is quiet

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  • Why u so quiet this week PJ?

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  • Because they are going to lose !!!

  • Browns will win. RR def not enough. Athletically they don't have WR that can't n wont be shut down.

  • Yeah that's what the other teams have said too. Ur all talking the same thing. Don't know who is doing all the scoring on RR. Guess the D must suck more than our WR do. Ur gonna learn the hard way. But it's all good. This will b a good game. Too bad it's at 9. Like now PJ past ur bedtime. Lmao. Strap em up!!!

  • Im a fan of your defense btw. Don't worry. We will test them for you.

  • CTFU...

  • Here is how I see it...

    Browns offense vs RR defense - RR can match the Browns athleticism. I think the only mismatch the Browns may have is deep middle. Flakes and Alex can run with all the Wrs on Browns. Depending on how Burn uses the wrs and route combination he uses will determine how the offense goes. Your not gonna run right by either corner. Thier will be no double passing for the Browns. Derrick has given Burn some problems, but alot of times Burn finds a way to make him miss. Burn is gonna have to be patient and take the 5-10 pass and pick his shots. I think you have to make the LBs play coverage.

    RR offense vs Browns Defense - Athletically the advantage goes to Browns. I think the Browns secondary is better as a whole then the RR recievers. However, they know how to work with phil and Lilly is very smart and knows the game and is very tough on jump balls. If flakes gets a step on the DB he isnt gonna get caught. The key for the Browns is rushing Phil and unfortunately they dont have anyone capable of rushing Phil. The other Wrs are solid and will make plays

  • I can respect what you said Bob...This should be a great game I look forward to it.

    We(ROAD RUNNERS) play great as a team! So if ppl want to doubt our WR's go right ahead, It's my job to get them open, we have a goal and thats to WIN THE CHIP!

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  • I think that gives you the ultimate advantage...no one on your team gets frustrated with not getting the ball. Burn doesnt hae that luxury

  • I love that analysis. I was about to delete all my post and say forget it. Didn't think anyone was going to respond. Wish I put it that way. So much better than what I said. I totally agree. Phil will be tough. But we will make burn rush and need be. But I'm not to concerned. Can't run forever.

    Like I said. I like RR defense. Never seen flakes play corner. But I know who he is and that isn't his position. I know how Alex plays corner, so we will get him a few times. Me an Alex are a great tamdum on the field. He said he was gonna be a Brown next season.

    We are ready though. Just gonna play. Bigger game for us though.

  • Those head games dont work with us P, hahahaha...AL woud NEVER be a brown we got a tight group! lol but your right yall got the corners on lock he got about 6 picks you got like 3 thats part of the reason we undefeated in 9man!

    Lol@cant run forever

  • Word he said he with us, this what he said "yea man, if y'all got room ill rock! I fit in w your defense"

  • LMAO good try P, but he isnt fake he's straight up! You should have picked someone diff lol I think you told him that about us lol

  • Jumping ship don't make you fake. Ask him. He won't lie. Al, you on here bro? Just tell em. It's cool. Said he gonna start w the money tourney.

    Where us rodney!

  • LOL@jumping ship smh...Actually when ppl say they with you then dont tell you or wait til last min to tell you they not, is fake be a man and be straight up! It's flag football! BUT WE dont have that problem!

    This was fun though I have to go see y'all Saturday.

  • :)

  • Browns are a very good team strong at MOST not all positions on both side of the ball. I must say I am impressed with their D. Very sound.

    O goes as Burn goes. Burn one of the most prolific runners in the county has should some inconsistency as a thrower. Some games he is on point some games he is not. Has come a long way at Qb then seemed to slip a little looks like he is more on point.

    Sedale is a very tough match up for any defender. Cash very underrated and IMO one of the best players in the league. Where are ALL the rest of WR ? Other than Mimi if he is there I'm not seeing any.

    Browns have no doubt arrived but still need chemistry and still a front running team have some gelling to do. That will come in games when they face duress. That will be this week against the RR. Lets see how they hold up against it.

    To address the statements about RR WR core. I don't think u guys have seen Flakes enough to truly say. One thing there is no doubt, other than Lank nobody is faster in the league and we don't know about Lank. That gives RR two of the fastest WR in the league with the best arm in the league. That puts pressure on any D. Then we have Lilly, text book patterns great WR. Gabe is one of the most underrated players. I think that's a pretty good WR core.

    RR D is tough to play against period.

    And PJ this RR team is the third one being my NYC team that I can say nobody is going to jump to you bitches so keep trying and asking.

    See u in a couple of hours!!!! You will learn who the RR NATION IS!!!!!!!

    Lol peace

  • rr win 20-12

  • and browns only have one wr and thats sedal...cash is a play maker not a wr... everybody else on offense is Irrelevant!!!!!

  • You lost your mind boy. PJ and Mimi and Twain. You will see. Don't know if you know who Mimi and Twain are but you will amend your statement when you see them. Smh.

  • Well throw flakes the all since he so fast. Gabe is your best WR and you don't throw him the ball lol. Me, sedale, Mimi and cash are enough WR to worry about. And I bet you your corners will be ran by a few times. If they not playing 15 off the ball, which they are known for.

  • And everyone fast when you running against slow people. FYI.

  • i dnt kno twain but mimi is good but have yet seen him get utilize the way he shud...nd mimi is a defensive player...u def aint a wr.so like i said one wr...nd u tellin me burn gonna get all yall the ball huh...doubt dat big time especially cuz im rushin him.... u think he gonna be able to sit bck nd pick us apart??? he will be runnung around like his head is cut off

  • Pj... Now u dont even make any sense. Lmao. But that's ONE of ur guys problem... Worrying about getting the ball enough. Cash n Sedale are your only real WR and Mimi but he doesn't show all the time and when he does the rest of you guys will be saying ur not getting the ball enough. Lol.

    You know our D is nice and if you don't then ur dumb and will learn it tomorrow. Better start recognizing so u can come up with some kind of game plan.

  • Mimi does not play defense. And keep thinking im not a WR lol. You'll see tomorrow. And burn does not and is not required to get everyone the ball. No one does that. Who can get everyone the ball. Make no sense. You take what's given and attack the mismatch. Yes you will give him a good rush. But Danny (docs) is a better rusher than you and he was fine. Don't need to pick you apart, we will get open and catch the ball when it's thrown.

    Say what you will Rod. But no one complains about getting the ball. I don't know where you guys get this from. Lol but ok. Mimi will be there tomorrow. Thats all that matters.

    Your defense is nice. Against less athletic teams. We have a game plan. Was easier to plan for this game then it was for the docs game. I'm not concerned.

  • Lol... PJ. Man! I was saying that because one you were saying Gabe doesn't get the ball. And as far as not complaining about getting the ball. All I can say is WHAT?!?!?!?!

    Hope u have a plan B C D!!

    It's going to be a good game. Can't wait! I love it!!!!

  • i kno mimi dnt play d but dats wat he played in high school nd wat he went to school to play..at heart he is a defensive player...anyway u think danny (docs) is better den me??? are u sayin that cuz he's faster den me??

    cuz i already kno im slow...im prolly the slowest person on my team shit maybe even the league lol but dats why i think im soooooo good cuz i still get sacks...if i was as fast as danny RR WUD HAD NEVER LOST A GAME SINCE I JOINED THIS TEAM!!!!!!!!! FACT!!!!!!!!! every lost rr had since i joined was no more den 7 points

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