NFusion Champs

  • ahhh, never gets old. The old men do it again. Doug and Talley did a great job on the backfield. Offense struggled today. Some good defense by them in the red zone and some not so good execution by us limited our points. Had a chance to really put the game away but thier defense stepped up. A win is a win, Blaise limited what Boo could look for down the field. Juice had a couple big catches. just a great team win. Made some adjustments with personnel and people excepted it for the benefit of the team.

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  • Good tough game Docs

  • Good game Fusion. A healthy Doug and the extra 15 players were the difference between week 3 and now.

  • Fun game. We covered and I won a parlay, thats all I cared about!

  • Congrats Fusion on another chip, Doug and Talley was huge today at rushing the backfield, did a great job. I thought fusion D looked pretty damn good, Franny gave docs the spark they needed with a nice pick but Boo had the ball last!

    Lol@extra 15 players.

  • That old man was in BK ass

  • Really great way to end the game. Was actually fun playing in a defensive battle for a change. 3-0 Fusion at half and 10-0 fusion going into the 4th.

    No excuses, no complaints. Fusion earned that victory today.

    Shout out to Boo for making me look good out there. Been playing against him for 12 years now and he never misses an opportunity to throw the ball to me lol.

  • ..and I want my 10, you promised. You welch this time and we will woop you by 21 next game!

  • Nice game boys. 4th down from the 2 for the chip, doesn't get any better than that.

  • Yea, coming down to 4th was a good way to end up. Hoping we all stay tgether on our team and do it again in spring or fall.. good fun.

  • Its time for a new pic up on here lol

  • That is the rule

  • rules are rules.

  • i saw the picture... where are the other 8 guys from Nfusion who were at the game?

  • That is the rule

  • just seemed like a lot cause we were all over that just kidding