New Playoff schedule

  • Copying this straight from the original schedule:


    North 4 crossover + 1 round robin Top 4 each division + next 2 best records

    I'm pissed this is bullshit. Originally it was top 4 from each division then the 2 remaining best records for a total of 10 playoff spots. False advertising by the league.

    Would have rather played 9 regular season games and kept it at 10 playoff spots. For our team there is no point in playing our last 3 games now. That`s 1/3 of the season now pointless for us. Up until today I was very pumped about the last 3 games. Do they think the parks are covered by glaciers on Dec 1st and the league cant possibly play past then. Come on now.

  • atleat keep it at been playing sundays all season and now its the playoffs and we dont play sundays?

  • only way we dont get in is if we loose all three remaining games...and wins 2 out of 3...they have crown, docs, and er

  • Its LOSE god damn it!!!

  • Pearl has Crown, ER & NTL left. As of now I think it will be Docs, Duffers, Crown, Fusion, NTL & RR.

  • Pearl can still make it as a wildcard. Thats prob not realistic tho

  • And Crown can still lose 2 and miss out. It's a possibility. All I know is Doc's needn't worry. THIS IS WHY REG. SEASON GAMES DO MATTER. I've always thought it was stupid to play a regular season and have 90% of the teams make it.

  • We have no problem with the new schedule if this was agreed upon and stated in writing at the beginning of the season. But it was not. The league is contradicting itself.

    I see your point that some teams write off regular season losses too easily and are not punished. The teams in 1st are not very rewarded. True and I agree the league should address that at the beginning of a season. Not in the middle or at the end.

    My issue is with being fair. Why crush 4 teams hopes and dreams with false promises stated in writing. The league is doing a screw job. Those 4 teams would gladly trade game 10 for a chance to compete in playoffs. Fair is fair.

  • Fran, thank you for clearing up lose for Bobby. I have been telling him that for a year now, but he stillis determined to use the word loose. lol

    Francis, I can understand why your upset. I would be too if I were in your position, however this format will make the playoffs more exciting. I am happy that we had some games rained out bc if we didn't I wouldn't be around for the playoffs. I am shocked that the county ended up doing it this way, but I'm not complaining. I guess it's all about who you know and who likes your team...Thanks

  • Francis not sure who you play for but this was mention at the Captains meeting. They said they were trying to get all the teams 10 games for league fees.

    We have RR, Frogwood and Rebels... OutKast has a chance to get in.

  • Just found out about these boards lol. I play for Tom's. I'm the double passer & offensive play caller. Was not at the meeting neither was my bro who is captain. The co-captain was. He is now on IR. Will call him tomorrow about what you are saying.

    1st off I'm rarely someone who complains. Neither is the team. Disappointment & frustration is getting the best of me here as a competitor because I think this is not fair..

    The bottom line is not the 10 games. I threw the 9 games idea out there as an opinion.

    The bottom line is that the league made 2 preseason commitments here. 10 games for everyone and 10 teams in playoffs. They are breaking a commitment on the 2nd one.

    I'm the early one complaining because unless the moon and the stars align we are not making it. Right now we are 3-4. 2 out of the last 3 of our games are win-able in my opinion.

    Watch the other teams who miss out complain harder than me when it comes down to the bitter end. They just haven't realized it yet. This league is run like a dictatorship. Always has been. Always will be.

  • O I agree with you but its a money thing. We pay 325 for a guaranteed 10 games. It wouldn't be fair to the teams that only get to play 9 games because we want to make sure we get 10 teams in the playoffs. I feel like teams shouldn't play for that 10th spot in the playoffs. Every game matters that's what I been tellin my team since day one when we beat Fusion. Lol.

    I understand both sides cause if we don't beat RR this weekend we're on the outside looking in.

  • Shut up well my complaint is that they have been playing on Sundays all season and now in the playoffs they can't?

  • I would be pissed if I was one of those teams on the outside looking in but at the same time its a waste of time and unfair if ur team sucks all season then to get in the playoffs. Get ppl there and don't "loose" regular season games

  • Ok were too start at!! First off not everyone is going to have a great or good regular season ok. The playoff format was set at the beginning off the season and every team follows that. If that was the case the packets would have never got in and look what happen. Just a example so calm down fellas. Point is if that wad changed they would got in to have a chance. Anyway 2nd if they played the final tenth game it wouldn't even matter cuz they are not going to start playoffs thanksgiving weekend. Like Scarfo said should make it Saturday and sundays and can get it all in. Well that's my take then.

  • JP, I dont understand ur post "the packets"??? Also, if there was not any rain outs the playoffs would have started Thanksgiving weekend...

  • Packers danny. Um no they woulnt have for the simple fact its thanksgiving weekend. Plus like I said every team isn't going to have a good regular season. What I mean by that is in are season going 9and 1 or 8 and 2 etc. I mean it went from ten teams to 6 overnight. Especially this late in the season. I know the teams that are sitting pretty don't care and will find excuses why its great but it aunt.

  • O ok got ya. I called the county a week ago and the lady said I got lucky bc the 1st rd of the playoffs were original Thanksgiving weekend. She said without the rain outs that is what it would have been. I was trying to get it changed since the beginning of the season bc I wont be around next weekend or Thanksgiving weekend. I am not saying the change is fair bc it is not, but having 10 teams was to many. Teams that are 4-6 or 5-5 should not be in the playoffs. Correct me if I am wrong, but will any 6-4 teams miss the playoffs???

  • just because a team does poorly in the regular season does not mean it will translate to the playoffs. Do I need to remind you of HVAC. 5-5 last year and made it to the playoffs. The simple fact is the county doesnt care, was there today and were very much non simpathetic to the teams on the outside. Also top 8 should make the playoffs period. Play on sunday like in the past.

  • Ok I agree with the whole 4-6 record and ten is too many teams but we didn't set the playoffs format they did. Like I said im just mad bout how they do it. There us just 3 games left and it changes. How can they have 1st round playoffs when its a holiday and know people out of town. If that was in the paper work I didn't see it my bad but that's even wrong. Anyway just don't seem right.I mean even if u 5-5 that don't mean u don't deserve yo be in. U could have all close closes u know.

  • P, I was saying the same thing to them about playing Thanksgiving weekend. I could not believe that they would actually start the playoffs then. Ur right about the 5-5 team. If I couple things go there way maybe they are 6-4 or 7-3.

  • Same thing about Thanksgiving weekend and beyond or the Sunday route. Do they only have the permit up to end Nov. and its more expensive if they extend it mid-Dec. There isn't glaciers on the field. I don't see the problem.

    North Gold is a lot more tough than North Blue. If we are in north Blue we are tied for 2nd or 3rd. Only 1 out of 7 North Blue teams were over .500. 3 Teams were .500 or above last week. We would be sitting pretty in North Blue. Life ain't fair but this is frustrating.

    Any business that survives in this world treats a paying customer in a certain way and goes above and beyond. This league does not and never has. Bottom of the barrel in customer service. 55 teams in this league paying $325. This level of customer service and transparency is unacceptable here. We are in a recession. Screw the original playoff schedule with no remorse and show the lack of remorse to anyone stepping foot in the league office.

  • JP- you can bet your ass that they will have playoffs/championships on thanksgiving weekend. I've been complaining about it for years but they refuse to start the season any earlier. It's something we need to bring up before the schedule is done next fall.

  • JP- you can bet your ass that they will have playoffs/championships on thanksgiving weekend. I've been complaining about it for years but they refuse to start the season any earlier. It's something we need to bring up before the schedule is done next fall.

  • So what I'm hearing is a lot of teams were trying to play for the 10th spot to get in the playoffs and now since its only 6 teams their upset.


  • The whole situation is unfortunate. If they didnt treat the fields like they were made of gold we would not be in this position.

    Not that it will make a difference but Im calling Monday to see if its a done deal for sure.

    What happened to the other site??

  • I went in on Friday and they said it is what it is. Not simpathetic at all