looks like

  • No games this week...supposed to rain sat and sun

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  • Stop being a girl. Nothing gonna save you this week...

  • Fuck off

  • I hope it doesn`t. Sunday % is looking worse than Sat. Both of our QB's and 3 missing starters from last week can make it Sun. Good luck crown.

  • You miss guys you play guys week after week....Your team is the team you field

  • thats rite rodney and er is getting the w this weekend...........

  • @ Rodney, lol where did I ever say I thought differently. I agree the team you field is the team you are. You didn't see any of us on here after the game making excuses. Not our style. We took it like men. I simply made a statement about this week that I'm glad we got a full squad. Who cares haha!

  • Everybody knows thats just my saying Francis nothing personal. I say it all the time.