League Update

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  • All teams in the A make the playoffs…

  • Ollie doesn't understand why yall are so mad about the divisions...shit somebody switch divisions with the Rebels then...Ollie looks at it this way the top 2 Make it from each division then the next 4 best records right??? If NTL wanted to move to the B they cant be that good and who the heck is blackstone??? But either way everybody just stop crying and win your regular season games...if u cant win ur games against playoff caliber teams in the regular season do u really belong in the playoffs???

  • Blake, ur joking right?

  • Oliver...NTL didnt want to play B the county just put them there. Whenever you play frogwood let me know. We can def switch games then..

  • the divsions should be balanced wtf. they look like the afc in the early 90s and were the NFC east. this is poop what are the times on the games wanna watch all the new bloods

  • Top Model! You Know I am! But No worries! No bet! I stopped gambling, I'll just talk shit during the game! And from the start and watch that mean face of yours! lol… But u know you my boy, c u Saturday good brotha!

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