League Update

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  • Just heard about the divisions. What a joke. Congrats to Frogwood who will win no less than 5 games this year. Way to catcha break and be in the JV division.

    NTL got FUCKED!!!!!

    I'm sure we will all make the playoffs again this year. Wish the league would put a little thought into the dumb shit they do.

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  • im gonna call tomorrow and get that shit changed

  • Save your minutes...

  • Scarfo.... OJ said quit bitchin man up see you Saturday. If you want his number I'll give it to you.

  • is the schedule out? OJ can kiss my ass....lol

  • do we play you guys first? and what time and where

  • you guys got the bitch division

  • lol

    The first weekend is set....

    NB1-6 Doc's Fusion NTL, Duffers Blackstone, RR

    NG1-6 Rebels, OutKast, CR, ER, Frogwood, Tom's


    1v1, 2v2, 3v3....

    Maybe but we careless who we play... Sat 10am marbrook

  • thought NTL was in the B....we play at 1010?

  • Did Hellen Keller make these fucking divisions

  • Yeah... 1010. Maichle's and NTL switched

  • wow....complete morons

  • Bob, Ill call right after u. The way I see it there is 1 A division and 2 B divisions. What retard ranked the teams???

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  • LOL! Why is everyone so mad about the Divisions! All you have to do is WIN!! DANNY See you on Saturday! LOL! $$?

  • People are mad bc two of the top 6 county teams wont make the playoffs. If every player on your team has a pulse you could win the JV division.

  • JV division is looking sexy in my opinion.. Is RoadRunnersRodney still playing?? Only saw him post once. Toms has RR this weekend. Good luck!! Our QB wont be there but I'm looking forward to the game.

  • it should had no teams with a winning record. Easy as hell to win. 5 out of the 6 playoff teams from the fall are in our division. Every team in that division has a worse winning percentage then Cleveland Browns.

  • fushion had a great season and a great run at the end. props for that. correct me if i'm wrong weren't they .500 in regular season??

  • yup but we still made the playoffs and were in the chip and will be this year young fella...lol Just will be battle tested when playoffs come around. I suspect a couple teams will finally have winning records this year. i guess thats good, build confidence to only have it squashed come the post season. :)

  • When your old like us, you save yourself for the post season. Just have to be good enough to get in.

  • Just saying all the teams your trashing as 'Cleveland Browns' were a game behind you..

  • Besides got to get these ugly fuckers off the picture for the page

  • Our team has been together for 6 years we are not young fellas.

  • yeah, we were the redskins during the regular season. lol.

  • lol...if your not atleast 30 your young fellas

  • under 25 your puppies

  • nah I disagree 90% of the league is 25-30. That would make everyone young fellas. Anyone older is Brett Farve/Randy Moss status ;)

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