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  • Spring is just aroud the corner, so I figured we can start with whats new in the flag world......

    Let's start with the champs....No fusion this spring, which sucks. I always look forward to playing them. Its always a close game and always seems to come down to the wire. Fall chip, 4th and goal from the two, play 6, Docs up 1 and Boo throws a TD pass to Leo for the win....smh. Still pissed about it. I know there is a lot of Fusion haters out there, but thats bc they hate the fact that Fusion wins and they don't. Wish they were playing.

    Browns...Lost there corner in OJ, but picked up a county legend in Boo. Also got CJ, Jon, gerlitz, and some other bum from crown. Have a lot of speed and talent, but do they have the chemistry? Hard to manage a lot of ballers who want the ball. What position is my man Burn playing? Word is that he is gona be the best WR in the in the league. Should be a fun team to watch. Will be there in the end....

    RR.... I know they were upset after their showing in the playoffs last year. I am sure they want to get that taste out of their mouth. Losing Horse and Khalil will hurt, but losing their Mr. Everything ( Tim) will even hurt more.lol...Still have a ton of talent and getting Goody back is big. If Phil plays like he did in the fall they will be very tough to stop. My question would be who takes Khalil spot as the double rusher? He did a nice job in that role....

    ERNTL...These guys combined, but who knows how this will work? Who is the dp? Do they have any real play makers on O? How will there chemistry be on D? A lot of questions.....

    Docs picked up OJ and Talley. Do I need to say much more? Any team in the league would take both guys and if they say they wouldn't their lying. Don't see anything close to a weakness on our D. Allyn is taking his game to the next level and this league has only seen that from time to time. Thats gona be a problem...Good Luck.....lol

    Don't know what other teams may have done.......Can't wait to starting playing. PJ your average at best at anything you do on the field. Old man Rodney is back for his 61st season, and Juice is now under 290lbs....Lets GO

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  • Dan, any pre season predictions?? But like your write-up..I guess we wait and see. Spring is always a fun league..

  • Boo, docs scores on plays 6 from the 2 for the win over the Brownies........lol

  • I think you will have 3 top teams and all the other teams will be .500 or less. What are you thinking Boo???

  • yea its gonna hurt losing lil but we will be fine...shit i made him look good anyway lol...its not hard bein middle lb wit a rusher like me!!!

  • is there the "same ol, same ol" out there?!?! I agree. I dont know about 500 but there will be a difference between top 3-4 and the rest..in my opinion anyway. Thatll prob bite me in the ass and we will start 0-4 again but we will see.

    DR, I think RR's best chance was last fall..gonna be tough to be undefeated again...

  • Danny, play 6!??! That would leave us one to beat you!!

  • im not worried about bein undefeated...we just need to win it all!!!! anything else would be a disappointment

  • I heard phil was starting his own team, was that a rumor? CR not sure what they are doing but heard that dave wasnt the qb spiese was and that always a plus with that arm but not sure what they are doing with the rest of the team.

  • Doesnt matter what type of arm a qb has if he has no one to go get it.

  • Where is Khalil & Tim playing?

  • Oj...ER

  • lol @Danny... Mr. Everything? that's funny...I wonder where you got that from??? lol....this spring will be a great one.. Definitely will miss playing against Fusion

  • Ollie has to at least make it home to play in 1 game!!!

  • No Ollie better go Men's Warehouse and get his damn Tux!!! Oh hey guys ...GO Rebels!

  • Black...Go rebels. Lol that's funny

  • lol

  • You guys on here blowing each other off again - scared to talk a little shit huh - damn shame........

    First off - We are back being the Bengals due to a few organizational changes............

    Now that that out the way........let me go Doback style for all my vets

    ERNTL will be a good team - if they got the same team from the money tourney, they will be a problem, let be real. No team in the county today could stick w them according to how they were playing in the money tourney. I think they trashed RR too lol......

    You can have OJ, and you got lucky with Talley. To everyone who does not know, Talley wanted to be a Bengal, but he made an early on commitment to Docs. Gotta respect him for that but he will be back besides we give him the "drive to want to play" which is big, about right Talley :).........

    Docs is a good team - but I don’t see any major changes on defense, will be tough playing defense against an athletic Bengals. Too bad Ollie isn’t around, would make everyone look like fools gold, about right Ollie?.......

    I don’t want to predict us going undefeated, but what I will say is that we picked up the RIGHT people and will be tough to compete with. The best part is everyone is worried about who will play QB. Does it matter? Probably not, if Burn plays DP, you can’t stop him, if Burn plays WR, you can’t stop him, If Burn plays QB its just as bad because now you need to drop your secondary to a cover two and worry about my deep threats lol, don’t want those guys getting behind the defense, about right Bengals offense?......

    RR - Well, i dont know what to say. Looking back at the money tourney, you guys had all my damn WR's lol....BUT looked horrible on offense and defense. Dont see you guys looking any better this spring, you guys were stacked. Hi Derrick Robinson, sup bro..........We will see. If Phil leaves, Rodney is left with basically no players which sucks. If Phil gets his own team, defense is gonna suck because Rodney was the face behind the RR defense and people like Khalil cant funtion on defense without someont like Rodney guiding him. Fuck you Rodney! You dont know everything.........

    I tink Duffers will be the same ol same ol......Hope they bounce back with some new additions, they need a change of the organizational structure.

    I hope to see Rebels do better this year, they are better than there record preceeds them. My man Mike Boyd is there best WR, gotta find a way to feed him the ball.

    Sucks that Bob is out, we need more comp in this washed up county league so we cant be losing teams like Fusion. But if Phil makes his own team and Rodney bounces back with a new team, it all works out and we get 1 additional A team.









    so on and so forth....i dont remember who plays

    Im looking forward to the tourneys.......BTW, someone will get a free W on March 30 as we will be playing in the tourney up Gettysbyurg PA for some money.....

    Relax Rodney, was just kidding about the comments above and i know were about ready to mush me in the face again - violent fuck! :)

    Not quite Doback style, was quite hard to down everyone lol - you can determine where the shots are and go from there.......

    Oh - Cant believe Khalil and Horse left RR.

    Oh - I like Spiese, but like bob said he doesnt have any WR's except horse (bout time someone start throwing you the ball, and i texted you the other day and you didnt respond so shame on you)

    oH - I picked up Juice, CJ, RT, Shaddie, Lil Jon, and Boo......Girletz isnt a pick up, he always plays with us (when avail)......I was hoping to have my tourney team for the county.....No prob though see you in June Ollie, make DE proud sir........


  • pj u just sucked everyone's balls. Please keep Burn out of this. That's my man. ur praising him as a wr n dp bc u cut him at qb. Lol....You are wrong, adding talley n oj on d is big for us. Who did ER have in the money tourney?

  • @PJ how do you figure Khalil can't function without Rodney? That's incorrect... Rodney is a great coach but Khalil made his name playing for Maichles not RR...

  • Well PJ if I was playing you wouldnt have Jon, Boo, Talley or Juice. But thats ok, you can have them on loan for now.

    RR will be better on offense with goody and coleman back. Defensively having Goody on the field will be a big help because he will keep them organized on defense since rodney wont be on the field. Replacing Khalil will be important because he took away the double and if derrick did get beat was able to clean it up.

    Tim...Khalil was good yes...but he broke out with the RR.

  • Tim I totally disagree. Khalil made his name with RR

  • I first came into the league playing with NTL down in the B. After my first game I said that I would make a name for myself and become an impact player in this league. With that being said, I think I've down a pretty decent job so far. Wanna give a BIG shout out to Rick Knotts & Rodney for their tips and pointers along the way. However, @Danny- Khalil made a name for himself on all Previous teams, ERNTL will be no different.

    #Started from the bottom now we HERE!!! LOL

  • Khalil who is we? Tim what position are u playing on ERNTL?

  • Khalil who is we? Tim what position are u playing on ERNTL?

  • @Danny OLB....but u know "Mr. Everything" I'll play anywhere I'm asked

  • @scarfo he blew up in your eyes but everything he was doing for RR he did that and much more for HVAC..not to say Rod didn't teach him anything because he taught both of us alot.. But Khalil functions well on any team he plays so basically what I'm saying is the comment Jett made was false

  • @ scarfo man dats a BIG IF!!!!! yo pj u funny lol...people already thought i was playin wit yall u just adding fuel lol...and lil u aint playin defense no more so u dnt need nobody guiding u or giving you pointers lol

  • pj ur super high for puttin us down that far!!!! u even put duffers in front of us are you forgetting DERRICK ROBINSON IS STILL ON THE RR HELLO!?!?!? u trippin bro especially for putting docs over us shit they the Easiest team to rush and scheme for i dnt remeber the last time i lost to docs or duffers smh

  • Hahaha Derrick you are like the randy moss of the league... U will never let nobody forget how great you are lol

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