• So what is everyones scouting report and prediction?

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  • I honestly dont think anyone cares. They don't want to see Fusion win again and are still puzzled about how Docs actually wins.

  • lol...yeah that is true

  • I hope a red team wins.

  • I don't think Fusion has what it takes to be honest. Too much firepower on our side.

  • i agree...plus i had such a bad game against ntl that im due for something big time....final score docs 31-28

  • I can't imagine what these boards would look like if RR and Crown or NTL and Crown were in the chip. Your telling me that there isn't anybody out there you gives a shit or is at least interested in the game??? At this rate we should just call it a tie and go to middletown...lol

  • Mark maybe because u suck... :) I dont see the score being that high, but you never know.

  • Ur right no one cares about this game, it will be boring as shit only people at this game is the people playing.

  • The 9 oclock start sucks for most. lol plus the Midd tourney. Dont worry Pretty Boy we are all interested who wins it. Care? No

  • Danny, Rodney posts what you're asking like once a week. There really are only about 10 of us who post regularly regardless of how or what is going on with our team. Everyone else disappears until after some wins. Also, Danny is gay, Mark is the man.

  • No one cares unless they are playing. Plus it's tourney time. It's time to win a grand mannnnnn. Let's goooo Fusion Bengals.....yep

  • Pj, I beg to differ if there were some other teams in it people would care and come n watch...

  • If it weren't for the Middletown tourney I would be there to watch...this is the worst case scenario for me smh Doc's either has back to back undefeated fall seasons or the other guy gets another county trophy...smh I hope they go into so many overtimes the game gets called a tie due to darkness...

  • Lol....so now im the other guy? Any relation to them guy?

  • Bird are you still dropping down to the B?

  • are you still dropping down to the B? lol just kidding man. Honestly I have no idea at this point. don't know if we're even gonna have a team at all.

  • Guess I missed the joke.