Final week reg season

  • toms beat NTL 49-42

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  • Duffers 13 Roadrunners 12

  • How does tom's lose to er last week and beat ntl this week

  • So if tons would have won last week they would have made the playoffs

  • Docs keeps scarfo in the playoffs 20 to 10 over er. Free drinks at club 3 tonight on scarfo

  • For BK bitch not u!!!

  • RR duffers good game... duffers congrats on a great season... docs as well

  • So what are the first and second round matchups?

    All(Scarfo) hail BK!!!

  • Looks like rr VS crown, winner gets docs...fusion VS ntl, winner gets duffers

  • Thought it was the other way around... cr/rr vs duffer.... etc

  • 4/5 winner plays 1

    3/6 winner plays 2

    depends who gets 1 and 2

  • I think Trav is right. We get the winner of NTL/Fusion. Sorry fellas.

  • so u are the second seed

  • Yes. Duffers let up fewer points than us. Sucks at least one 10-0 team will not finish a Perfect run.

  • oh ok

  • Congratulations too all the teams that made the post season! Would have been nice too get in but we fell short. Good luck fellas!