Docs vs Fusion for the chip.

  • very competitive games all around today. Fusion/Crown goes to OT and Gils/Fusion ends on play 6 at fusion 22

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  • Gongrats Docs and Fusion. What were you guys saying about Fusion. Lol. when will you ever learn

    RR played well on O. Scored every time we had the ball. But loss today for the same reasons we loss all year. Inconsistent D and missed 3 out of 4 extra points. Very frustrating but sadly we have played inconsistent on D all year so no surprise for me. Not even talking about our kicking. D just didnt play well. Not going to point any fingers. Lost as a team

    Ntl played even with us but made their extra points. Shout out to Burn for playing very well today and was the big reason NTL won. Did work against Doc too. Good shit today in both games Burn

    Docs came out and did their thing. Nothing overly impressive except they just play dont make many mistakes, play control and just win.

    NTL could have won the game but just too many mistakes. Two pics and the bad pitch was too much to over come. Good game. Like I said Burn ate them up but Docs had dare I say it Sweet Baby Jesus! Bk played strong on both sides of the ball. Made several key plays on O and got a the bad pitch pic plus another pic inside the 20. Bk won that game. Ugh hate to say it but... Bk you did damage.

  • See, rod that wasn't so hard lol. A battle between old and new...Should be an exciting game. Kinda disappointed Crown didn't make it out of the first round, but I think this is the best matchup assuming they have all their guys

  • Congrats to Fusion and Docs making it to the chip...If Bob I mean fusion wins the chip yall will never hear the end of it LOL

    Rod is right Burn was balling but too many mistakes for NTL and Bk def had a big game.

  • Burn was the reason why NTL was in the game. He carried them on O. The D really stepped up and did well in the 4th and Ham made a big play. I also would have really liked to play crown, but getting fusion should be just as fun. I guess you didn't do your part like you said you would Ollie... Would like to hear more about the Crown / fusion and Gils/ fusion game....

  • Ollie dropped a snap on a big 3rd n 10 then got stopped 3yds short on a 4th and 22...that was the stop that won the game i believe it was in the 2nd quarter....4th quarter play 2 talley missed a 30 yd field goal to put fusion up 10...Crown scores on the next play to tie the game...fusion throws pic on play 6 crown returns it to the 25 Ollie misses a field goal badly to win the game...1st over time Crown scores and gets the 2 pt...Fusion scores and gets their 2 pt after a false start penalty and Ollie misses scarfos flag in the backfield...2nd overtime fusion scores and makes extra point for 1...Crown scores decides to go for 2 and Ollie loses his footing n gets sacked...Game over...end of season...end of story...

  • Oh and Ollie told me to tell Scarfo he hates him...

  • U left out that on play 1 they had the ball on the & the center snapped it to the 20. Can u tell Ollie that Acarfo still loves him.

  • Burn had a vary good game in the first half. Second half didn't do to much. Mistakes killed ntl tho. We almost went up 20 end of the 3rd prob woulda put the game away. Good game ntl

  • That's cause u can't jump LOL...Ollie says he loves Acarfo to but still hates Scarfo...

  • that hip turn though ;)

  • Oliie said he just erased u from his life...

  • to Ollie

    Nothing but love bro

  • Congrats to docs and St.A. We played pretty good the first game but mistakes hurt us in the second one. Lots of missed flags 6 drops 2 picks and a bad pitch is hard to recover from. Intrested to c if winning that final game that put St.A in comes back to bit em in the ass. I would rather c docs win bob has enough trophys and if St.A does win bob should be forced to retire

  • Its Fusion should be a good game. They are a good team. So lets see if the teachers still have enough gas left for the students.

  • Yeah I prob shoulda picked up on that lol

  • Is it Saturday yet? I am already pumped up to play the defending champs. Docs has there game plan and I am sure fusion will have there game plan too. I am sure it will be a fun game to watch. I hope some of you guys come check it out. I know a lucky, slow, and unathlectic Docs team is in the chip, but I am sure it will come down to the come check it out...

  • Give that shit a glad we got 5 days, damn arthritis acting up in