Docs "owner"..and Scarfo!

  • Danny, Fran, BK etc. I wanted to let you know that I was at a bar this afternoon (shocking, Im sure) and ran into your owner, Theee Doc. Ive run into him before. But this time he congratulated me about the championship - and explained that we SAVED him money on the AC trip he didnt have pay for. But the big news is A) he is a really nice guy and B) he bought me a beer..We need more "owners" like him!

    Scarfo, would you guy Docs guys beers?!?!!? Just checking..

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  • yeah especially after I get the $100 danny owes me for sending their asses home with a

  • Rumor has it that that he's still planning a trip to AC for us for March Madness. No trophy to give him this year tho.

    He's a really nice guy. How did you know it was him?