Doc's release Brian Kocher

  • Doc's Demons released Brian Kocher Dec 29th. As of today he cleared waivers and anyone can sign him. We felt that Doc's was just way to dominant with him and wanted to give everyone in the league a shot at the title.

    This is not a joke or a prank. If you want him take your shot!

    We wish Brian Kocher good luck with whatever team he lands on.

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  • Could not have said it better myself fran. I just hope someone looks past his bad boy attitude and takes a chance on him because of what he can do on the field.

  • you two are dumbasses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • So lets revisit your question..."How many Championships will Docs win in the next couple years" Looks like none.

  • Here we go. Just like we got lucky on our first two chips. We will have to make a few changes and add a few things but we will be there at the end again.

  • with out BK you guys stink...HE MADE DOCS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yea I figured that would be what you would say...Asshole

  • Lol...i heard there may be a surprise on the horizon for the spring..

  • A surprise that would shock the county and leave everyone fighting for 2nd

  • BK is gone... Interesting move by Docs....

  • Interesting indeed...

  • OJ, its time for Doc's to give back. The County has already given us so much it was the least we could do.

  • Can we get a Statement from BK...

  • sweet baby judus is a fraud...the guy wont win another chip on another team. mark my words!!

  • All hail Judas! Goin back with my boys from the Wood for a farewell tour. We will have a solid team this yearand look to push deep into the playoffs. Go Wood, Go Doc's.

  • dont do it guy

  • Doc's vs Frogwood finals???

  • Negative!

  • Who you rockin with, OJ?

  • THE

    Nah, as long as OutKast is the A.... I'm playing with them.

  • OJ you would fit in good with the Wood. You and Brian have a lot in common these days.

  • What do we have in common?