• All slots are full, now only a waiting list....the A looks like - Fusion, RR, Docs, NTL, Crown, Rebels, Apex, Toms, Froggers, Duffers?, Rudy Pudy? Outkast?

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  • OutKast is in

  • Outkast in the A? Apex is playing B...

  • Forgot ER

  • Can't front! I'm a little excited about this year! I felt Like Jordan when He lost versus Orlando in the playoffs back in '95' or was that '96' lol

  • Y are u excited? It must be nerve racking not knowing if u will make the playoffs??? lol

  • LOL!! Well We play you guys first!! See you Saturday! Now put the money up for this game!!?

  • it starts

  • Come on dude havent we been down this road before? I let u bail out last year. Not sure if I am playing Saturday yet. Just make sure Ollie and Black show up.