• Wow... I text Danny but just remember I didnt post anything and came on to read what people said. Oh well sometimes disdain is the best compliment.

    Back to back undefeated is strong enjoy it.

    For those who care Docs played their usual blue collar nickle and dime O and their very stingy under rated D and beat Fusion. Docs did nothing special, as usual, except execute and win. Good game, good season good back to back chip

    Safe to say Scarfo no matter who he has or what record he has can win a chip anytime. Better be careful how you play the regular season from now on because who knows what the league will do. Odd what happened at Midd tourney to u guys losing 2. But doesnt mean much other than the buy.

    But the post belongs to Docs....

    Safe to say Docs has dominated the last 3 county seasons, Danny has earned his stripes in this league by being the proto type "flag" football QB. Allyn is the best safety in the league and Mark has become one of the best WR.

    Eager to play and beat you guys. Congrats Docs

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  • Congrats docs u now have a target on ur backs. Ntl will b ready for spring. Good shit guys

  • Congrats to docs on the win

  • Thank you for giving Mark his props, now he has nothing to bitch about anymore lol. Thanks guys

  • Bk I forgot to mention ur dumb ass but u know man. Good job all year BK

  • Thanks fellas. It was a fun Fall season. I know that we look forward to defending the title in the spring. We beat a great team. Congrats to fusion for a good playoff run.

  • Nice profile pic for the forum, although it seems oddly familiar like I've seen that exact picture before...

  • Congrats docs...well played game. Mark definitely had a good game. See you all in the spring

  • Yea you poop faces keep winning congrats! See you in the spring hopefully...

  • I think the league should cut the A division down to 3 teams and let Doc's, RR's and Fusion play for the title each year...

  • lol....oh boy franny, you gonna piss off Mr. Taylor with that comment.

  • Nib high football rules!

  • Unless there's a Mr. Taylor on Duffers I don't think anyone else has a legit complaint about my post.

  • How about the final 4