• So I guess nobody plays this

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  • Our game has already been marked down as a win. No Danny for us. That means the old boy SBJ will be slinging the rock!

  • What u mean nobody plays this week?

  • Danny said BK was benched and juice wad cut for missing last week

  • 9:00 C West 62 Frogwood Pioneers Outkast

    10:10 C West 63 Doc’s Demons Rebels

    11:20 C West 67 Pearl Auto Body NTL

    12:30 C West 65 Elkton Recycling Famous Tom’s Tavern

    11:20 Biden 66 Maichles Road Runners

    12:30 Biden 67 Jennifer’s Inc / Fusion Duffers

    Old man, this is the schedule this week as far as I know....

    Robert, Bk will play the 2nd half and Juice will play special teams...

  • Yo scarfo u have a brother that owns a hair salon. perry anthony

  • A cousin

  • Ok kool my girl worked for him at one point n I live. in the same place as he does just askin

  • Ok so what's the deal with pearl I heard they forfeit the rest of there games due to scheduling does anyone know the truth behind this

  • Id like to know that too we play them this week

  • Overheard a couple A division players say that Rodney's 34+ team is probably the best team in any of the divisions. Any truth to that?

  • U got goody, Talley and Danny on there

  • Knowone on my question

  • RT, they didn't show up against ER this past weekend. With chances of them making the playoffs very slim, they may just be packing it up for the season & waiting until the spring.

  • Rt, they may show up this week bc they are playing Ollie and crown. Best bet is to hit up Vince or Big Jon on facebook before Saturday to see what the deal is...

    Jorge, our team would be a top team in the A, but our D would struggle against the top A teams. Our O would be able to score with anyone thou. Would take use in a heart beat above many of the A teams bc of our experience and intelligence..

  • Danny pearl plays us this week

  • O my bad. I thought they were playing crown...