• any thoughts

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  • I'll put it to you like this. I told Danny his new name would be Prime Time if he wins his 3rd this weekend. Needless to say he will be extra motivated.

  • Franny, I was told instead of three-peat, we were going to call him mini-me-peat

  • Im excited. I think we have played very well lately and I hope that can continue. We need to play our game and pressure Boo on D. Im glad Leo will be there so if we do win I wont here how we never beat fusions real team. I'm bringing my A game and I know the rest of Docs will do the same. Let the countdown begin.

  • i might be out. i pulled my hamstring

  • Do midgets have hamstrings?

  • hahaha thats funny. im going hard on u guys. im gona score at will just like i did the last time we played the chip. scarfo u should guard me just for shits and giggles. Im a midget so u should be able to shut my little ass down.

  • I heard that is a problem for you....the whole hard thing. We shall see

  • o we will see. hitch go hitch all day son

  • prediction: 28-21 has a full paid AC trip on the line

  • do we get that if we win

  • nope i dont think unless your treating your team to a nice night out of town. You know what, your a good guy so when we win your more than welcome to come along with me and dirty BK and the boys. Anything goes when were in the city of atlantic. Hell, franny aka cisco is usually ripping whipits most of the time. shit gets weird real fast

  • Early Vegas odds have Docs favored by 14.5. We prob dont stand a chance against them. We will come and play but certainly this would be a major upset..

  • Damn Mark we HAVE to win. Remember the one legged prostitute last year lol! She was almost as fun as the bitch that let Danny do coke off her stomach. Lol whipits? Haven't done'em since. Gotta get this win.

  • Boo, stop playing coy. Give me a real spread n we can put a little wager on it.

    Fran, u had to bring it up...smh Jk.

    Mark, chubby couldn't hang with us in AC. He would b passed out by 9 n Zack would b tea bagging him.

  • My thoughts? Won't be any different than week 3 of the reg. season. Wish I could say there was something to be excited about but it's cut and dry. Boo, shave a point off that line and I'll throw down.

  • Doubtul itll be like week 3. Except maybe the part where Flame beat you on that 50 yard bomb! lol But I wlndt count on a covering 14.5 would be a win for us!

  • That was better than many of the throws I've seen you throw. But you still managed a horrible Boo-like game complete with INTs and rusher induced panic. Fusion doesn't have much chance - too old.

  • I almost agree. Age IS a problem and we really dont stand a chance. We should play anyway just to see how bad you guys beat us..the line may go up by gametime, Ill be on checking..You guys are too good.