• I know... who cares. I have cleats older than you guys...and I really do. but congrats to the RR for an undefeated chip.

    Wasnt easy. Boo's team is always tuff and it came down to the end. I would have slit my wrist to lose twice to Boo

    Ole City and Phil played a nice game against Ole Skool. Always fun to watch two that dont like each other.

    Phil and Old City were under manned against RR for the chip but Phil says he is coming back next year with something for us.

    Dont laugh you young guys.. you will be happy if this league is still here for you because it is fun as shit.

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  • Congrats on the chip bro!!!

    It was def fun this season, the way the season started out for us(old City) didnt look to good but we put on a nice run to make it to the chip. I'm proud of my team today they went all out! I Look forward to next year.

  • @ Rod, thanks again for picking me up and being a part of this team. Really enjoyed playing with this group of guys... no egos and no arguing.

    @Phil, great game. I see you are close to being fully recovered from the achilles injury. I'm sure next year will be a rematch between these two teams.

  • Not unless fusion puts an old man team in...

  • It'll be nice winning championships in back to back weeks...

  • Have u ever done it before?

  • Not yet...

  • Good luck Fran

  • Wont happen this year either

  • Don't ruin this for me Scarfo...

  • Fran - back to back to back

  • what is back to back to back?

  • 34+, 7v7 screen, Mtown...

  • Lol...stop it...the sbj shit is done...u fulfilled ur purpose...lol stop with the mtown tourney. Be happy if u win county and call it a day

  • The sandusky enema will win mtown tourny. Were gonna wash all u little dingle berries away hahaa

  • I wanna play in 34 n over. I'm 28 now.

  • They wont let you P...if so you could have came out with Burn on my squad.

    Jorge, thanks, It's getting stronger. I know You definitely know how it is.