2011 Fall Champs

  • I must say that's not an attractive profile pic for this group... so I say the champs this fall needs to be the profile pic for the group

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  • I couldn't agree more Trav, I'll have BK photoshop me in.

  • Don't worry... I have the program at home... ill photoshop u all out!

  • Trav the new pic will be the same with juice and Kev added to it...

  • Kev plays for docs and Juice doesn't play for roadrunners anymore!?!?

  • Fair enough. I will put the active champs photo as the profile pic going forward, as long as they upload it to facebook making the assumption Docs doesn't win. (We are)

  • Ur a good man BK

  • Trav stop trying to start shit u know some ur boys in light blue don't like me. Sbj that's a good Idea except the same pic is gonna be up for a while

  • Not startin nutin juice... jus didn't understand wat danny was talkin about when he said u and kev would be added to the pic...