Help...Need recipes for cooked turkey leftovers.

  • I have to make room in the freezer so I will be baking two 20 pound turkeys. I know I can use the cooked meat in most recipes that use cooked chicken but I'm having problems finding a good variety of recipes for the crock pot besides pot pie & enchiladas. I'll be freezing most of the meat but need some good recipes for right away. What are your favorites?

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  • Looks good, thanks for the suggestion. I love these kind of dump whatever you have on hand in the pot recipes. Love your web site and it's really saving me this summer as I live in Dallas and you know what kind of heat we are having and there is no way I'm using the oven. :))

  • Oh, I know it girl. We love crockin' in the summer. Hate the thought of turning on the oven...makes me glisten (you know us southern girls don't