easy fudge lost the recipe

  • hi about 7 months ago someone posted a real easy fudge recipe i think it was called stupid easy fudge -anyone remember the recipe-dancinwithflo@hvc.rr.com

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  • I had to look way back for this one. Is this what you are talking about:

    This recipe is good if you don't have time, money, or not a great cook. You can use your small crockpot for this. You take one tub of premade frosting and one package of baking chips and melt the two together. Pour it into a lined or buttered pan and let it set up. If you want to get fancier you can. Below is a list of ideas.

    GERMAN CHOCOLATE FUDGE- german chocolate frosting & chocolate chips

    MINT CHCOLATE FUDGE- chocolate frosting & andies candy baking chips

    PEANUT BUTTER FUDGE- cream cheese frosting & peanut butter chips

    PEANUT BUTTER CUP FUDGE- chocolate frosting & peanut butter chips

    CHRISTMAS FUDGE- cream cheese frosting, white chips red and green cherries

    CHEAM CHEESE FUDGE- cream cheese frosting & white chips

    COOKIES AND CREAM FUDGE- cookies and cream frosting, white chips & about 10 oreos broken up and mixed in

    CHOCOLATE COVERED CHERRIES FUDGE- chocolate frosting and cherry chips

    FANCY CHERRY FUDGE- cream cheese frosting, white chips, cherry flavoring, cherry peices & sliced blanced almonds

    MAPLE NUT FUDGE- cream cheese frosting, white chips, maple flavoring & walnuts

    BUTTERSCOTCH SUPERMEME FUDGE - carmel pecan frosting, butterscotch chips, nuts, & heath bits

    CHOCOLATE FUDGE - chocolate frosting and either chcolate or white chips.

    Theses are just some ideas. You can use vanilla or cream cheese frosting, white chips and any flavoring of your choice to make the kind fudge you want. Add ins can be any nuts, fruits (cherries, coconut, pineapple ect), cookies, candies like m&ms, or sprinkles. you name it. Once you get started you will come up with lots of ideas. If you use something like heath bits or sliced blanced almond; sprinkling some on top and it makes it look facny. HAVE FUN!!!!!!

  • ty u this is it -i do have money and i have time and i am also a good cook but i tried it when i found it on your site and it was delicious -holiday time when i make so much it will come in handy