New Warmers

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  • To those of you who have ordered the new Scents of Home warmers, is there a bulb inside and is it replaceable by a regular night light bulb? I can't remember if I heard this during the video or not. With Scentsy you have to order their bulbs to make the warmer work. Is it the same with us?

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  • there is a buld with it and I think they can be replaced with a reg. bulb since I havent seen a replacement bulb for it.

  • This will be a question that will come up immediately because of how many women in this area have Scentsy warmers. I put a regular night light bulb in my Scentsy warmer and it worked as a night light but it did not melt the wax.

  • Thats because you did not get a 15 watt bulb. Night light bulbs are only 7 watts. Bulbs are only 1.00 from Scentsy alot cheaper than stores.

  • I got my warmers in yesterday and it says that you can use a 25 watt bulb that can be purchased anywhere..I got the sonoma villa and the cornerstone,love them..however,i was a lil' disappointed with the Cornerstone Warmer,eventhough it is pretty..the finish is not glazed.the bowl that you put the scent in is glazed.but not the rest of it..

  • Strange you would think it would match

  • That is what i was thinking,Janice.It is pretty when lit.i also,ordered the night light plate,but they was not in yet,so i got a osc.I got the kiwi smells good.

  • How is the scent throw on them can you smell them throughout the house, Wondering how long scent will last before having to add new gel

  • Okay, thanks Y'all! That will be a good selling point.

  • The scent is really strong from the moment you put it in the warmer. And 1/2 oz of the gel will last about 12 hours. And clean up really is as easy as they say.

  • Since I got an osc for the kiwi, I put a small cube of sensy wax in it. I won't buy any more sensy wax, but I have several left over. Am anxious to use ours, once I get it. I've always used the electric warmers for some of my candles to melt wax when they get low and have combined compatible scents.

  • I ordered the magnolia warmer and it comes with the clear piece in it to make the nightlight. That's why the price is higher on it. But it is beautiful, I love it. I also ordered the sonoma warmer and the veranda. kiki and baked apple gels, they came in and are great!!! Order yours today to show to your customers.

  • I plan on ordereing the magnolia warmer..Is it prettier in person? I have the sonoma villa warmer and the cross warmer,i love bot of them..but,would have liked the cross warmer better if it was shiny like the sonoma one is..

  • I'm also disappointed that the Cornerstone Warmer is not glazed...the dish makes this scratchy noise when I place it on the warmer. It is very pretty though. Magnolia is much prettier in person...I've got several to show my customers. I actually don't own any Scentsy products so this is my first experience with warmers and ours are great.

  • Yeah!! Keep it that way Denise LOL!

  • Ladies, just opened my instructions about the warmers and the bulb is a 25 watt G16.5 Globe Bulb - clear - candelabra base bulb and when replaced, the bulb should always be no more than a 25 watt bulb. Take the bulb to Home Depot or other store and try to match the one that's in them. But a nightlight 4 watt bulb will not work not hot enough to melt gel. Hope this info helps you all. The bulb is round and small at the bottom where it fits in socket. Haven't seen any of these before!!!! I'm sure we can buy them elsewhere though.

  • I Read that also,Carolyn..Should be able to find them just about anywhere.@ Denise,i agree with you about the Cornerstone Warmer not being glazed.prob.would have not ordered it if i would have known..

  • Thanks Carolyn

  • I heard Lowe's has them.

  • I'm glad I choose the right ones to order. I wouldn't like the unglazed either. Maybe they can improve that situation and correct it. The veranda is pretty and shiny, sonoma too. and magnolia is pretty but not shiny just not glossy.

  • I used mine for the first time last night. It is the Veranda and I used the Baked Apple Pie scent. It worked great, smell is very nice. My only question is, I thought it stays gel the entire time and then drys up. Mine stayed gel for a long time but then turned to liquid near the end. Has anyone else had that?

  • Mine had a very sm amt. of liquid at the end. Make sure you shake the bottle well before using. I think that makes a difference as I did not shake it as long that time.

  • HELP PLEASE !!! I would love to share these with everyone I know ! Does anyone have a video on how these work . If so could you send it my way :) Thanks ! Jeanie

    P.S I have looked on you tube and couldn't find anything :(

  • there isn't a video Jeanie the only one was the catalog launch where they introduced them.

  • Thanks Dawn ! I wish someone was brave enough to post one I hate being video'ed or I would :)

  • lol same here

  • Thanks everyone! I wasn't sure about the magnolia-doesn't look that cute in the pic. I will be ordering one soon. I love my warmers. I just popped out ALL the leftover wax from my Scentsy warmer that a friend gave me last year. I put some of our gel in it. So far , so good. The Scentsy took off really big around hear. So if someone has one of those OTHER warmers they can still use our gel in it as well. Just something to keep in mind. Another key selling point. We have 2 levels. A low for a suttle sent and a high for a stronger one. They only have OFF and ON. Celebrating home has it going on! Way to go!

  • Marilyn,i was thinking the same thing about the magnolia warmer..when you get yours let me know if u like it.plz.i would think the gelwould work in the scentsy warmers as well..not sure have not tried it yet..

  • The gels do work in the Scentsy Warmers :)

  • GOOD,because i have several Scentsy warmers and they are to pretty to go to waste..

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