NEW Berry 4 quart Bean Pot

  • This appearears to be a great new addition to the stoneware collection

    As a lot of recipes fit in the large oval piece

    1 It also would fit in the Old Oval Basket - as it should last forever - 2 years - like NEW

    2 Does the Insert for the Veranda ~~~ fit in the NEW Berry Bean Pot

    Hopefully all this will happen as that was the center of all my recipe collection since march 2009

    The Medium Berry Casserole is OK - but too small for a lot of Entrees

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  • Wil, are you saying your Veranda bean pots didn't last but a year? What are you talking about didn't want to risk an oven fire? Did you have one? Explain, this. They should last longer than that my friend, what is going on with the bean pots you have?

  • My first order was March 2009 ~~~~ HGP Veranda Oval Bean Pot and basket

    warranty was dated HGP June 15th 2006 replaced a few days less than a year


    The CH with warranty dated March 1st 2009 - was retired as unsafe

    the first had a small football shaped piece pop out of the side

    No other stress marks in it anywhere

    the CH ended up with the crack in the base so it did not pop out

    However is leaking - so retired

    My 3 punkin 2009 bean pots are used in MW - one has a stress mark in the top

    The Berry Loaf Pan was replaced a few days short of a year also with warranty - as the end fell off where it cracked

    The Berry 13 X 9 Casserole lasted 2 years

    As a retired Civil Engineer I ran this test

    I dropped it from counter height ~~~ the bottom did not crack - however the end where it was leaking broke into small pieces

    As a child- my father worked in the gray iron foundry and I saw cores being made

    The flaw is in the clay

    My origiinal tea pot has a million stress marks - does not leak


    The warranty is for a year - it was easy to get replacement

    No Contact - procol - warranty card - shipped in 2 days from Marshall


    However the NEW Berry 4 quart with the Veranda Oval Inserts look like the replacement

    as most of my range oven recipes use the larger oval bean pot

    Wait and see - as they only sell 2 pieces I have - as have purchased about 2 dozen since March 2009 and all of them have been retired etc

  • Summer 2011 is May1st, will have dessert and appetizer cookbook, lightbulbs can be found at your local hardware store. the bulb info should be on the insert with your warmer