need some theme party ideas

  • Hi sister desginers, please give me some information on theme partys. Yes i have the ones from celebrating home but i would like to offer more, anyone have other suggestions for me?

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  • Hi Linda I had a wacky banana party and it was awsome i got it from our website under training and let me tell you i have been busy every since i don't do just banana i have had a wacky grape and wacky orange

  • i did a party where two ladies dressed their bananas up so good, they looked like Barbies, lol. thanks

  • i had one lady dress her's as a bride and stripper lol your welcome

  • This time of year I like to do Football parties, Fall Festival, Harvest, Back to School, Halloween, Pumpkin Parties!

  • aimie they sound wonderful but i am by no means flier smart so do you make up your own or where can i find them?

  • Couch potato party

  • Jungle Safari party

  • jackie, email me with some more information on both of these i would be interested in trying them thanks!

  • I sent those to you

  • thanks!

  • any suggestions for me

    from cant seem to get ones off internet

  • I am also just getting started and I would love some ideas and some sample fliers.. I haven't even received my kit yet! I just signed up on Saturday when I went as a guest to a seminar! I am going crazy cause I already have parties booked and everything and have been to several and had several on my own but just decided I was going to do this! I am trying to get some great starter ideas for my first few parties as they are coming up within two weeks! Any help or be wonderful! My email is and thanks in advance!

  • Right left game always is a hit but sometimes just thinking of the season your in can give you ideas and if you have children you would be surprize at some ideas they can give you for they have great minds and it makes them feel they are helping you out!!!

    Always looking for new ones myself so please send flier to me at

    Thank You

  • Thank you Diana!

  • Here are the choices I've came up with so far:

    50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, Disco Fever, Flower Power, Hippy, Sock Hop

    Birthday Party

    Bridal Shower, Baby Shower, House Warming, Big Chicken, Cry Baby, Love, Getting to know the Neighbors, Car Pool, Stress Relief


    Country, Cowboy, Western Round-up, Western, Down on the Farm, Hoe-Down, Southern Charm

    Crazy Hats, Diva, Purse, Cool Shoe, Girls Night or Day Out, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Pretty Feet, Mothers Day, Wild Hair

    Fiesta, Margarita, Mardi Gras, Salsa. Cinco de Mayo

    Pajama, Sleepover

    Paradise, Tropical, Luau, Beach, Fun in the Sun, Summer, Hawaiian, Pool, Pink Flamingo, Limbo, Summer Salad, Summer Sizzle, Where's the Beach, Fire, Fire/Ice

    Spring, Spring Cleaning,Garden, Green Thumb, Picnic, Park, Welcome Spring



    Animal Lovers, Barnyard, Jungle Safari

    Camp Fire, Scavenger Hunt

    Nascar, Football, Baseball and any sport, Team Spirit, Tailgate, Super Bowl, Word Series

    Wine, Wine & Cheese

    Barbie, Biker Babe

    Blockbuster, Movie, Cabin Fever

    Book, Novel, Back to School, School Days, Busy as a Bee

    New Year, Chinese New Year, Christmas in July, Easter, Eggstravagant, Halloween, Harvest

    Monster Mash, Mrs. Clause, Secret Santa, Snowman, Fall, Winter, St. Patrick's Day, Valentine, Scarecrow, Fathers Day, 12 Day of Christmas, Reindeer, Let it Snow, ornament Exchange, Christmas Joy, I survived Christmas

    Tax, Lottery, Feeling Lucky?, IRS Refund, Lucky Ladies

    Appetizer, Backyard BBQ, Banana Split, Bistro, BYOV (Bring Your Own Veggie), Chocolate Lovers, Coffee Lovers, Cookie, Deli, Hot/Cold, Italian, Ice Cream, Low Carb, Nacho, Nutty Buddy, Oreo, Pizza(any food), Strawberry(or any fruit), Strawberry Shortcake, Sundae, Sweet Treats, Tea Party, Soda, Rootbeer Float, Beer

    Pottery, Any of our Potteries you could use or just pottery in general

    Care Bear, Disney, Disney Princess, Fairy Tale, Pirate, Princess, Survivor (or any show), Teddy Bear, Cinderella's Pumpkin Ball

    Family Vacation, Cruise

    Design on a Dime, Love my Home, Moms on a Budget, Mother-Daughter, Pay-Day, Time Out

    Hollywood Stars, Monopoly (or any game)

    Know your hostess, Murder Mystery, Mystery Hostess, Open Hostess, Secret Pal, Decorating

    Nurses (or any profession)

    Paint, Spa

    Show your Faith, Sister in Christ, Biblical Times

    Sunflower (or any flower)

    Survivor (or any show)

    Candle, White Elephant

    Buddy Party, Cooking, Food



  • Crystal for the spa or pretty feet one how did you go about it do you have any sample fliers or anything like that you could email me or tips on how to get it going! My email is

  • I've never done the spa or pretty feet one. But you could give auction money for having painted finger & toe nails. Wearing a robe, things like that. Just try to think of things you have or get done at a spa. You could have them show up in a face mask but I doubt anyone will do that, lol. I haven't done a lot of these. I've just been given all the ideas over the years. I just had a party guest tell me a tacky clothes party, which I thought was really funny. I would love to see people show up in a Christmas sweater, orange and black socks, some mc hammer pants, etc. lol

  • LOL thanks yeah that would be a funny one!

  • Hi everyone! I'm a hostess and I'm having a Celebrating Home party in 3 weeks (Jan 2013) and I'm having a hard time figuring out a theme. I've already looked at a list of theme ideas from my Designer but didn't find anything, some I've already done. I'm doing a buddy-party with my mom. Looking for a unique idea that would get everyone excited to get out and about since it's going to be winter time and cold. Age group anywhere from 23-60. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!