Bring back favorite candle scents

  • I absolutely LOVE the Blueberry Muffin scent. Please bring it back into the line!!

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  • I want the carmel coffee candle back, the new buterscotch coffee does not smell as strong, you could smell the other one just by taking off the lid...Please bring it back....

  • One of my candles customers really loves the key lime pie. I actually have several customer into that scent. Please bring that back. Alos please bring back the original english ivy(green one) not the pink. It just is not the same. I personally love the english ivy and the cranberry compote. I would love to see the original english ivy and the cranberry compote come back in a jar. My vote is 25 times per scent.

  • I agree, I liked the English Ivy, Cranberry was a #1 with a lot of my customers. please bring these back.

  • I have a Lilac Sachet that was an HGP candle - still smells awesome. Our new Lilac doesn't smell as strong. Wish they would use the same formula! I miss the English Ivy too - I have the pillars and love, love, love the smell. Please bring it back!!

  • As far as the candles are concerned I think we should be able to buy the discontinued ones anytime. There are some scents there that my customers really like but we can only get them when the company puts them on the Treasure Chest. That would be the same with all our products, leave it all open for sale.

  • That is how it used to be with Home Interiors. We could continue to purchase items from the Discontinued List. The items were broken down as 20% off, 50% off and 70% off or more until they were gone. I loved it then. It would make things so much easier now if Celebrating Home brought that back for us.

  • yes, your correct I forgot how HI did it so maybe CH will do the same it would be so much nicer

  • I used to check the list often and print it at the beginning of each week. and keep the sheets I printed. It helped me with my inventory as well. It had many great uses.

  • Well maybe it will happen everything else is falling into place just like HI only better!

  • H&GP use to have a discontinue list we could buy off of. I haven't seen it forever though so assumed it was gone. I would like that to be brought back. Got lots of items for hostess gifts, myself and auction gifts off there

  • Therese, I have several Key Lime Pie CIJ's still, let me know if you want them. Please email me at I have other scents also.

  • What would be nice is to be able to place the on line order directly from your Hostess's order especially if she wants to have some of it for her free. Or if the designer is the one using the party assistant then we can use our ACH account instead of using a charge card. Or am I missing something!

    One more question is the only way to shop on the Treasure Chest by using the search botton or just by clicking one item at a time? Just looking for a Wouldn't it be nice to have a order pad there also?

  • my favorites that i wish would come back are strawberry shake (its my husbands favorite too) and chocolate brownie i love those and if you burn them together they smell like chocolate dipped strawberries.... or the vanilla that was always a big hit in my house too so those are my 3 favorites i wish would come back... now if we go way back HI use to have a sugar and spice and omg that was nice too!! please bring these scents back i need to stock up on them