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  • Does any one have any game ideals for partys ? And looking for ways to boost sales.

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  • Tina,Try Bingo..everyone loves bingo!! there used to be a example CH bingo card to make.i think u make one up just like a card ,except instead of #'s you add words from CH ,such as; Hostess,bonus buy,pottery,candles,booking gift,framed art,designer,etc..with each of these you explain or demo the product of the word..of course make the cards different so you will not have to many winners for the same game..u can get the bingo prizes off of the treasure chest....also,maybe u can add a bonus word...which i would use Booking or is fun..we did something similar to this when the company was still HGP..

  • Hi Ladies! I play Bingo as well but I use a blank bingo card and have the guest fill in the cards..I give them a word as I do my presentation..then at the end I call of the words like a bingo caller and the first guest to yell bingo gets my gift! If the guest total is high I will do an auction and pass out play money to those that participate with me and ask the most the end I auction off 3 prizes! I also play a game called pass the gift! This one is a lot of fun! I use a Celebrating Home candle! I give it to the hostess and then read off a little poem that says she has to find the guest with the smallest feet and give it to her and then that guest gives it to the tallest guest and so on! The guest really like this one and they all end up laughing and having a good time! If your interested in that one let me know and I can send it to you! I don't do all of these at every just depends on the guest count. I don't pay more than a few dollars for my prizes..I usually give things like oven mitts, candles, just small trinkets..or hostess dip mixes.

  • Melissa, I'd like to try the 'Pass the Gift' game. Would you plz send instructions to Thx!!

  • Yes,Melissa .I would like to try the Pass the Gift game as well..plz send me


  • you can always watch our discontinue items sometimes they are really cheap and you are supporting ch sometimes i look in a current book and it there are items that come in sets like the inspirational words.(i would make three gifts from this ) You can also show the item b/c it is in current book.

  • Melissa, can you please email me the "pass the candle" game?


    Ladies, there are tons of cute games you can look up on "stay at home mom" and "in home parties" (put in google) that is where I have found alot of my games! cute ones!

  • Yes Heather I sure will and I am going to check that out I need some new games..I like the Bingo but it's a little boring for some of my hostess's so I need something else to replace that!

    Lori it is probably good to use CH products, just not always affordable for every designer especially those just starting out or on a budget, like me! I wish I could do that, but maybe once I have been doing this a little longer! I try to look at it as another expense of each party. If the cost of each party is about the same as the profit than it wasn't successful. I try to spend no more than $20 or $25 on a party..stamps, mini mailers and (3)gifts. So even if I only have a $200 party I still triple what I spent...

  • Thx, Heather. Will check out those sites.

  • Hey Janet....I have try several times to send you the "Pass the Gift" game but I keep getting a delivery failure message...could you look at the email address you posted and make sure it is correct so I can send you the game? Thanks!!

  • Thanks for the game is REALLY CUTE!!! I deff will be using that, along with my regular agenda, at my next party!

  • Glad you like it! Everyone has a good time when I play that one! It lets them get up and get involved in the party!!

  • I have about 5 little games I usually play, but now I have another to add to my list to help switch it

  • Melissa,I checked and it is the correct email address...did you put _ sometimes i forget to put it to..and it does make a dif..

  • Janet, I did but I will try again.

  • goodness,don't know then..because,i have not had any problems with it b4..

  • I had a party tonight & the purse game seemed to be a hit! where you call out items that could/would be in a purse(certain points for certain items) & the person with the most points in the end got a gift!! people LOVE games & prizes!! & the Who Would Of thought game, where you come up w/ 10 odd questions like what hand is the statue of liberty holding up, or which light is the red one on a traffic stop, & how many months of the yr have 31 days, BUT the twist in the game is the person w/ the MOST WRONG WINS!!!! Just a fun twist! People dont mind taking out a couple extea mins if fun is included!!! As a designer I love doing games!! I think i found those on the site listed above!!

  • Melissa and anyone else ..please send the games.... also never really understood the whole bingo game ...anyways.. my email is Thanks

  • Melissa, Just a suggestion for the pass it game. You can post it here so you only have to do it once then everyone can see it.

  • awesome ideal Beverly!!

  • Watch the video center training video with Laura Shaws party presentation.

  • I sent the game to your email.

  • Has anyone tried the left/right game? It would work well with a candle or any item. The instructions are on the web. This may be the same as you refer to as the pass it game.

  • I don't have a good answer for stage fright. I still get nervous in front of people. It does work better when you really believe in something like our CH merchandise, though.

  • I have a great answer for stage freight. First of all, it is 100% normal to be nervous. If you weren't nervous that would mean you don't care much about how it turns out. SO being nervous is a good sign.


    Use your presentation cards if you need to, go over them and feel confident. Don't worry if you leave something out, they will never know the difference.

    If you get stuck just pick up a piece of merchandise and say, "What would you use this item for" You will be surprised at the answers yo uwill get.

  • Pick an item, share with them three ways to use it.

    for example:

    Hospitality Set 2 Booking gift:

    Vegetable tray, cheese crossant dessert, taco braid dessert!

    However, it Can also be used for a candle arrangement with a 6" candle in the center, a 4" on each side, add some nosegays in front and its a centerpiece. or a couple candles and a figurine with flowers.