krill oil

  • does anyone take krill oil. I take fish oil but heard krill oil is much better. Just wondering. Thanks!

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  • yes, don't know if it does anything but yes I take it.

  • Hi Amanda--

    We take Carlson's fish oil--but here is why some like krill better....

    Fish oil has a higher percentage of EPA and DHA fatty acids, however krill oil has the advantage of having astaxanthin, an important antioxidant, vitamins A and D, and possibly other nutrients such as small amounts of phospholipids. Therefore, one option is to use a softgel or two of each, or alternate their use.

    Since phospholipids can be easily obtained from food, such as eggs, or lecithin ( phosphatidylcholine is found in lecithin ), one wonders if krill oil supplements are necessary when a person eats a lot of fish, takes fish oil supplements, consumes a variety of vegetables and fruits, and has a diet with adequate intake of phospholipids and perhaps takes an astaxanthin supplement a couple of times a week.

  • I have taken krill oil as well as fish oil, my joints are a real problem for me and I notice greater benefits from the Krill oil than regular fish oil. As far as which one to take thats a crap shoot as there are many brands its just a matter of what you feel is best. here is a good comparison on two popular brands

    While I take omega 3 supplements to me there is nothing better than a nice big piece of fresh salmon which is packed with plenty of omega 3 fatty acids.