collagen degradation

  • after learning about collagen III's role in our funked up vasculature, I have been frantically (obsessively?) Googling to learn all that I can about collagen. Hoping to stumble upon ideas for a natural remedy, because my funked up veins have been 'plastied'… a few times… with ZERO improvements, and seem to be just getting tighter and tighter...(long story… and run-on sentence… shorter)… I just wanted to throw out the idea (thought) that, pregnancy hormones (specifically labor and delivery/cervix 'ripening') ones seem to be a good collagen busters... And now I'll let those more qualified than I discussed the matter… While I lurk!

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  • Traci---it's all about moving the blood thru the veins to restore shear stress and return to a healthy endothelium. If you haven't checked out the endothelial health program I created for my husband, please do. BTW, I'm cheerleader on TIMS and started that thread on Dr. Gabbiani. I heard him speak in Bologna in '09, and he was already finding the collagen shift from I to III back then. It's not about collagen "busting" it's about good flow and healing of the lining of the veins. Check out the program:

  • Hi… cheerleader (or should I say Joan?), Of course I've checked out your endothelial health program, and I do much of the same for myself. The simple stuff (fish oil, Green tea, CoQ10), but the more complicated stuff like checking blood levels for NO is over my head. I understand that blood needs to be flowing through the veins and the vein walls (endothelium) need to be healthy and responsive, but as it is right now, they are not. My right jugular is so tightly closed that he (my vascular surgeon) couldn't get the wire (catheter) into it to balloon it. I'm scheduled to see him again in May (3rd) to discuss options. I'm thinking he wants to give it time to maybe relax (the vein), and see if any improvements come with time. So far I've not noticed any, but he's not giving up. We're not giving up. He has said (Dr. Mehta), that most people see improvements… that I am the exception!… Yay for me! Do you think a healthy endothelial program can relax an already stiff vein?

  • Traci--what worked for my husband (who had a closed left jug 6 months after angio)

    1. losing weight 2.lots of cardio exercise 3. tons (I mean TONS) of hydration 4. sticking to the Swank Diet/endothelial health program 5. removing stress 6. eventual retreatment

    after a year, his doctor was able to get in and above the stenosis and open everything up on the left side. He's a month past this new treatment, and flowing REALLY well on both sides. We remain optimistic that he got it.

    Good luck, and I hope things change by next May. It changed for Jeff, so I send you some hope....Joan/Cheer/Jeff's wife :-)

  • I don't know. I've (just now-thank you) refamiliarized myself with the Swank diet to see if I'm missing something big, and I'm quite sure I've been eating/living that way (the Swank way) for a very long time (seems like forever~though the addition of fish oil supplements is relatively new, I guess). There was a time in my life ~immediately before I was diagnosed ~ when diet was an issue… Eating disorder/not enough of anything. I have always recognized that period of my life (the nutritional deficiencies) as the source… Ground Zero, if you will, of my MS.

    So that was the problem then, and not an issue now, but how best to undo the damage?…Is it possible?… I have been eating a 'Swanky' diet and living a 'Swanky' life, but is it enough to undo the damage? As I become more physically disabled, it seems I'm stuck in an endless Catch-22. Not able to move well enough for cardio exercise, and (possibly) not able to cardio exercise (contribute to/maximize endothelial health) because I can't move well enough. Movement (exercise) is the only 'un-swanky' thing in my life, and I truly don't believe that I am where I am today~unable to move~because of an aversion to exercise, or because I just didn't try hard enough. I was always physically active… Running/biking/walking/hiking… very outdoorsy. The inability to move has been gradual, and I never gave up any of it without a huge fight/struggle. When one activity became too difficult, I never just stopped. I feel like I was stopped. I didn't stop, something stopped me.

    I don't think doctors are recognizing how significant diet and exercise can be, and are. That said, I don't know that diet and exercise alone can undo the damage, I hope it can, but I don't know of any multimillion or billion or more dollar 'diet and exercise' industry ready to fund those studies, and doctors/the medical field in general aren't really excited about plain and simple, basic and natural things. The dramatic, complex. intricate,high-tech, complicated,convoluted, highly processed, multifaceted, least 'un-fooled around with' answer seems to be where things are always headed. I hope diet and exercise (the plain and simple) alone can undo the damage, but as with most other things, the answer probably lies somewhere in the middle.

    Just a couple years ago, we weren't talking about any of this, and there really wasn't any hope! We've come so far!… I guess I'm just anxious… Ready to (hoping to), in a hurry to, move past all of it!

    THANK YOU SO MUCH… Joan/cheer/Jeff's wife,