• *** RULES ***


    1. ONLY post on the wall if battle has 20 hours or less left! State time left and type. Anything over 20 hrs - post in the Forum under the right topic.

    Your are allowed to post comments about Castle Age. Do not post new or any groups ads. No guild links on the wall.

    2. Post add me's under the correct topic in the Forum - NOT on the wall.

    3. Only post one time. Do not post your battle 3+ times in a row. Only post each battle once per 30 minutes. Delete old post when re-posting battle.

    4. Delete your battle once it is done. If you are going to post the same battle the delete your first post.

    5. Do not create new topics in the Forum. Most battles have a topic already.

    6. Do not post Tiny Urls!

    7. Do NOT help the people that don't follow rules!

    8. We are going to try and clear the wall every 8 hours even if the monster is active you will have to re-post your monster link every 8 hours. We are also going to try and clean the Forum of posts 24 hours or more. So on the Forum you may want to post every 24 hours.

    Note on summoning: We have so many people summoning battles we can not keep up. There is really no need to summon just look on the wall and in the Forum for battles. The only monsters that benefit you by being the summoner is Keira and Azriel. We try to have events going on. So please try not to summon.

    Our page for festival battles: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Festival-Battles-for-Towers-one-and-two/189982917739208

    Our page for Heart of Darkness battles: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Castle-Age-Heart-of-Darkness-Destroyer-Squad/185003041555274?sk=wall

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  • It would be great if these were posted on the wall EVERY 8 hours!

  • I am guessing the ones that post on everyone's post are people that have been banned and can not do their own posts

  • I was bumping it for awhile but since I'm allowed to post on this page again, I'm going to avoid enforcing the rules so they don't block me again.

  • Um, I can't seem to post to the wall. Did I get banned? and if so, why? I hardly ever post and when I do I make sure it is less than 20 hours?

  • Never mind. Now I can post again. It must have been a technical glitch of some sort. O.o

  • Like!

  • Good morning, I know if I can remove the ban, not because I have been banned, thank you very much.

  • I can't post to the wall? I've never been able to and I could really use some help slaying my gehanna with 13 hours left and I'd love to be able to post it on the wall

  • There is actually a stick option for the admin. Edit the title and you can tell the topic to remain at the top.

  • If you can not post it may well be FB stopping you, did you like the page?

  • We need people to follow the rules.

    This is the best site for last minute rescues thus far and will be for a long long time Thank you the ADMINs and CAMDS for helping us over n over n over again.

    And a good day to everybody.

    I dunno If I'm breaking the rules but here goes ... : Bump : :D

  • Since a number of people have asked about their posts being deleted, figured I'd add a quick run down of why your post may not be there anymore. There are a number of reasons why your post may have been deleted from the wall or just not show up.

    ■Posts are deleted if they don't follow the rules

    -■ Mainly, if over 20 hours left and therefore not critical

    -■ Spam, post may be deleted automatically if anyone, not just admin, reports it as spam.

    ■It may be deleted if the battle is over, victory or failure.

    ■It may also be deleted if someone else posts the same battle after you posted it. I personally comment the people who also posted and were deleted on the newest post. Though I don't alway remember to and other admins may not.

    ■It may also get deleted if we take over control of the post, meaning we make it an official post from CAMDS so it shows up on everyones' news feeds.

    ■Another out of our control problem with Timeline, and even before, is facebook may just have hidden it. They just hide some posts for no known reason.

    ■Also everyone is limited to how much they can post to all public pages/groups/etc. So if you come close to facebook's hidden limit they think you are spamming and start censoring your posts until an admin steps in and says you aren't spamming.

    ■Incorrect or broken links. Also TinyURL or other shortened links to a lesser degree. I personally comment on these to give you a notification to correct it, but after a while without a response they get deleted.

    Always refresh the browser after posting to make sure it got through, it may take a few seconds or a minute or two to show up. Can always repost if it didn't. Bit of a nuisance, but a necessity. Also click your link to be sure it works. Bad links get posted regularly and this would eliminate most of them. Hopefully this gives you an idea as to why your post may have disappeared. (CN)

  • Where can I post requests to make new forums for monsters not on the forums yet? I want to post a Baal link.

  • You can make requests to add a topic on the wall. We usually get at least the topic started within a few days of a new monster release. I started it late on the day Baal was released, but see we slacked on Lord of Darkness which is there today.

    If you don't see it feel free to start a topic for the new monster. Just be sure to check that it is indeed not already there. There are currently 3 pages in the Forum, so be sure to check them all for the topic you are looking for BEFORE starting a new one. Duplicate topics will get deleted. When I add a new topic I'll check to see if anyone started it already. If so I'll move the active battles to the new topic. Other admins may not, so be sure to check back to see if your post is still there. (CN)

  • just wanted to let you guys know i've been posting alot on the mass add page because several of my friends asked me to add them because they can't seem to figure out that all the need to do is put a comma and than their email... just wanted to tell you so you don't think i'm a spammer posting so much on there. thanks for the help guys.

  • the reason nobody comes to this site anymore is because of all your dummas rules....