Post Your Valhalla, the Air Elemental Here (from Admin)

  • Remember to post time left and place the name of the person whose battle it is to avoid doubles. Please try and come back and delete once done! Thank you kindly.

    You have 168 hours, 192 hours for festival, ~650 million health.

    Rare Chance Drops

    ■Braving the Storm (Armor: attack: 16 defense: 14)

    ■Vortex Seal (Amulet: attack: 11 defense: 15)

    ■Lance of Valhalla (Weapon: attack: 15 defense: 15)

    Epic Chance Drops

    ■Stormcrusher (Weapon: attack: 35 defense: 20)

    ■Aegis of the Winds (Shield: attack: 28 defense: 22)

    ■Windchaser Helm (Helmet: attack: 29 defense: 29)

    ■Maelstrom (Valhalla) (Spell: attack: 16 defense: 16)

    ■Valhalla Dust

    Legendary Chace Drops

    ■Hand of Valhalla (Glove: attack: 17 defense: 14)

    ■Eye of the Storm (Amulet: attack: 28 defense: 30)

    ■Essence of Valhalla

    ■Tempest Elemental (Soldier: attack: 55 defense: 50)

    Loot Activity Threshold (approx)

    ■1 epic: 11 million

    ■2 epics: 17 million

    ■3 epics: 33 million

    Valhalla Dust is an alchemy ingredient that is used to create Hand of Valhalla and Essence of Valhalla.

    Essence of Valhalla is an alchemy ingredient that is used to combine with Hand of Valhalla to create Stormbinder (Glove: attack: 18 defense: 18)

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