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    You have 168 hours to complete the battle before it flees. Thanatos of Fire & Ice is a Co-Op battle with Castle Age: Heart of Darkness players. Main Castle Age players damage Thanatos of Fire who has 300 million health. Heart of Darkness players damage Thanatos of Ice who has 3.5 million health. Both parts must be defeated in order to obtain victory.

    Thanatos of Fire Loot (Castle Age)

    Rare Drops

    ■Fire Drake Pendant (Amulet: attack: 18 defense 18)

    ■Magma Plate (Armor: attack: 20 defense 12)

    ■Embertorn Gauntlet (Glove: attack: 12 defense 4)

    ■Dragonlords Helm (Helmet: attack: 20 defense 24)

    Epic Drops

    ■Lavascale Signet (Amulet: attack: 24 defense 24)

    ■Flamehide Shield (Offhand: attack: 20 defense 32)

    ■Lavaflow Cleaver (Weapon: attack: 34 defense 34)

    Loot Damage Threshold for Thanatos of Fire (approx)

    ■1 Epic Drop = 5 mil damage

    ■2 Epic Drops = 8.5 mil damage

    ■3 Epic Drops = 15 mil damage

    Crystallized Dragon Soul, obtained exclusively if Heart of Darkness, is an alchemy ingredient that is used with Lavascale Signet, Flamehide Shield and Lavaflow Cleaver to create Flamewalker Greaves (Boot, attack: 5, defense: 5), the first Boot obtainable in Castle Age. Crystallized Dragon Soul will automatically be added to the Castle Age keep of the player once it is obtained in Heart of Darkness.

    When viewing the Castle Age attackers in Heart of Darkness, the attacker list's may not be in the same order as when viewing in Castle Age. This is because Heart of Darkness does not take energy activity into consideration, only stamina activity is displayed in the damage leaderboard. This is useful for gold medal runs where only stamina damage is counted to qualify for gold.

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