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    You have 48 hours, 72 hours for festival, ~2.6 million health.

    Rare Chance Drops

    ■Hellkite Armor (Armor: attack: 5 defense: 5)

    ■Hellkite Sword (Weapon: attack: 5 defense: 6)

    ■Fireball (Spell: attack: 5 defense: 0)

    ■Star Crystals

    Epic Chance Drops

    ■Hellkite Bracer (Glove: attack: 5 defense: 3)

    ■Hellkite Shield (Shield: attack: 2 defense: 7)

    ■Star Fire

    Epic Summoner Chance Drops

    ■Hellkite Flames (Spell: attack: 8 defense: 6)

    ■Star Fire

    Unique Drop - Amulet of Cefka (Amulet: attack: 6 defense: 12)

    ******Alpha Mephistopheles************

    You have 168 hours, 192 for festival, ~675 million health.

    Rare Chance Drops

    ■Immolation (Magic: attack: 10 defense: 10)

    ■Hellcore Defender (Shield: attack: 18 defense: 10)

    ■Infernal Sword (Weapon: attack: 16 defense: 16)

    ■Infernal Plate (Armor: attack: 12 defense: 12)

    ■Infernal Helmet (Helmet: attack: 11 defense: 11)

    ■Arcanist (Soldier: attack: 23 defense: 20)

    Epic Chance Drops

    ■Hellblade (Weapon: attack: 30 defense: 20)

    ■Breath of Fire (Magic: attack: 15 defense: 10)

    ■Armageddon Pendant (Amulet: attack: 23 defense: 18)

    ■Belt of Abaddon (Armor: attack: 13 defense: 14)

    ■Gladiator (Soldier: attack: 35 defense: 24)

    Legendary Chance Drops


    ■Volcanic Ruby

    ■Volcanic Topaz

    ■Volcanic Sapphire

    ■Volcanic Emerald

    ■Orc Champion (Soldier: attack: 50 defense: 50)

    Epic Summoner Chance Drops

    (Note: Only the summoner is eligible for this drop)

    ■Fist of Abaddon (Glove: attack: 12 defense: 14)

    Chance of Getting Epic and Legendary Loot (approx)

    ■1 epic: 4.5 million

    ■2 epics: 8 million

    Hellstone is an alchemy ingredient that is used to combine with Hellblade and Excalibur to create Soulforge (Weapon: attack: 35 defense 35)

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