Post Your Glacius, the Frost Giant Here (from Admin)

  • Remember to post time left and place the name of the person whose battle it is to avoid doubles. Please try and come back and delete once done! Thank you kindly.

    You have 168 hours, 192 hours for festival, ~400 million health.

    Glacius has a divine armor which blocks 30% of damage per attack. It deteriorates at a rate of 0.25% per 1 divine power. It will take at least 120 divine power to nullify it completely.

    Rare Chance Drops

    ■Glacial Pike (Weapon: attack: 17 defense: 18)

    ■Impenetrable Ice (Shield: attack: 20 defense: 23)

    Epic Chance Drops

    ■Enduring Winter (Magic: attack: 16 defense: 18)

    ■Glacial Fists (Glove: attack: 9 defense: 11)

    ■Heart of Ice

    Loot Damage Threshold (approx)

    ■1 epic: 6 million damage

    ■2 epics: 12 million damage

    ■3 epics: 21 million damage

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