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  • Hi there, I have applied for Bsc Mathematics in Birkbeck few days ago. Still waiting for the reply. I was wondering if i am not good enough to be accepted for that course, will i have the option to undertake certificate of higher education without going through the whole application process again. And when can I start applying for the student loan.

  • Hi Sudip. The best thing to do, regarding the application's status, is to contact the School in charge of the course. To apply for a loan here is the page that provides all the info you need to know. You can apply for the student loan now.

  • Hi Birkberk, the system they have at UCAS is pretty confusing. I never had any experience doing an application, can someone provide help or give some tips? Will be studying Criminology&Criminal Justice BSc next year :)

    Thanks in advance!

  • Hello, Im an international student for the BSc Business program. I have a slight confusion with the orientation/ registration/ enrolment. Can you please tell me the concept and the things to do now. I have already enrolled online. Also, is the orientation on 17th-18th or 24th-28th, I seem to see two different information.

  • Hi Abid. If you enrolled online -this is to start your course- then you can attend the orientation session taking place on the 17 or 18 Sept for undergraduates. You only need to book your place to attend this event here:

    Orientation is designed to welcome you to Birkbeck, give you a general introduction to the College and help you make the best possible start to your course.

    I don't have any records of similar events happening on the 24th or 28th if you have a link to the event's page. Could you send the link please?


  • Dear Abid,

    Thanks for sending the link over. Yes, You only need to attend the orientation event on the 24th as it is specially for international students. There is no problem if you don't attend the one on the 17th.

    Thanks a lot and we hope you are not confused any more.

    Have a good weekend.