Birkbeck's Meeting Point

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  • Get connected with other students coming to Birkbeck this autumn. Leave messages and and get in touch with each other

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  • Hi Guys, I will be studying MSc in management consultancy and organizational change this autumn, I would love to hear from other students from my programme... Cheers, Hari

  • Hi there :) Any MA Sports Marketing people? Would be great to meet you guys :)

  • Hi guys ! will be studying BSc Geology next october at birkbeck, anyone studying Geology ? can you tell me how is the course and is anyone gonna start Geology next oct with me ?

  • Hi there, anyone doing HRD and Consultancy (MSc) full-time? Cheers, Bart

  • Hi Bart, I will be doing MSc HRD and Consultancy full-time this year :)

  • Hey, is anyone doing Accounting BSC full-time this year?

  • Hi all, it's great to see you sending messages to each other. Take the opportunity to connect even if your subjects are not the same and share with us all your stories and experiences. A big welcome to all of you from Birkbeck ;)

  • Anyone doing international business and development (msc) ??

  • Hey!! Anyone will be doing Criminology&Criminal Justice(Bsc) next year? :D Would love to hear how thigs are !

  • I'm doing Modern and Contemporary Literature; can't wait. Anyone else? xx

  • anyone for MSc international management? cheers! :)

  • Hi there Olivia - I did the Modern and Contemporary Literature years ago, and just loved it! The academics are great - and the course was really really interesting. Am really jealous of you!

  • Thanks - I am really looking forward to it...though still trying to get through the entirety of Ulysees and understand it!

  • Hi Olivia - Ha ha ha! Good luck with that! The course taught me why people are passionate about it, but I have to say I'd never read it again. I preferred Virginia Woolf's Mrs Dalloway. oh, and on this, do you know if you're going to be studying in the School of Arts building in Gordon Square? It's Virginia Woolf's old house - how cool is that?

  • Hi anyone else doing Introduction to Counselling Module ?? need some info.

  • Hello :)

    Is there someone who can tell me something more about LLM Human Rights full time program?

    I'm starting in October, so any info can be really helpful. :)

  • Hello is anyone doing global politics and international relations full time? :-)

  • Anyone for BSc Business this oct?

  • Hello Ali Melebari, I am starting the Geology BSc in October.

  • anyone doing BSc Business this oct?

  • Yup, I'm on BSc Business this october, where you from Priyanka?

  • im going in to 2nd year, but a new student to birkbeck...what about you? im from london

  • London, same here new to Birkbeck but 1st year, im tyring to find out about the student life there, hope it's good

  • I'm getting through it, and actually quite enjoying it (for the most part) but I'm also a huge Woolf fan and am amused by her description of Joyce's tome (and a half) as (to paraphrase) 'an undergraduate squeezing his pimples'. Amusing, if a little cutting (but that's Woolf).

  • Starting BA in History in Oct, anyone else starting then be interested to see who is doing the same modules as me.

  • Hey everyone anyone got any advice for the LLB Law course, or any advice on living in a big city like London? Much appreciated :)

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