Famous People from BITD

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  • Famous People from BITD - Ok BITD do you know or did you go to school with someone that later became a professional athlete, actor, political figure etc? Who are the famous Alumi from BITD!

    Back in the Day Dunn Loring, Vienna, Falls Church, Fairfax & Merrifield VA.Charlie Taylor former Redskin was a Timberlane Elementary Alum

    Actress Lynn Herring formally from General Hospital attended W.T Woodson High School she graduated with the class of 76.

    Actress Sandra Bullock class of 82 from Washington-Lee High School - Arlington

    Actress Mackenzie Phillips Alexandria, Virginia,

    Actress Donna Dixon from Bosom Buddies graduated with the class of 1975 at Groveton High School and attended George Washington University

    Nancy Lingarwell let's see.... warren beatty, shirley mcclaine and sandra bullock all graduated from washington lee high school i think. on youtube there's sandra bullock as the MC of a school function... she's just the same as today!!!

    Tiffany Massenburg SantanaActor Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker from Star Wars) went to Annandale.

    Evelyn Sandlerlol my mom went to Washington -lee Hs with them

    Maureen McGowan DeyoMy sister was in the same class with Warren Beatty, he was class president. Shirley MacLaine was his sister, 2 years ahead of them. My sister used to go to parties at their house. Carol said a girl could get a bad reputation just by going out with Warren, LOL!

    Joe KelliherLisa Collis is the former 1st Lady, the wife of Mark Warner and '73 graduate of Marshall and I believe a former resident of Falls Hills

    Ray AndersonWOW ! how I miss those quiet / fun days of then :-) today ? All the woods that we rode dirt bikes in are gone and............... way to many people live here now over crowding our streets. I like the simple days Ah.....

    Leslie Weaver LoudenMy sister was in the Thespian Club at McLean High with Aldrich Ames, the convicted spy who is now in prison. I guess that acting talent only got him so far!

    Judi Walton Ohlegerhubby & I went to Donna Dixon's sister's wedding, Donna married Dan Ackroyd & Ghostbusters cereal was on the buffet table!

    Sat at 5:39pm · Delete · ReportBack in the Day Dunn Loring, Vienna, Falls Church, Fairfax & Merrifield VA.@ Nancy warren beatty & shirley mcclaine are from Richmond area....don't count...lol

    Back in the Day Dunn Loring, Vienna, Falls Church, Fairfax & Merrifield VA.@Maureen he's from Richmond area...doesnt count...lol

    Back in the Day Dunn Loring, Vienna, Falls Church, Fairfax & Merrifield VA.I STAND CORRECTED.........WARREN AND SHIRLEY MOVED TO ARLINGTON VA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY BAD

    Rusty CristJim Morrison of the Doors...graduated from Gerge Washington HS..class of 1961

    Claire Barrett AlexanderOur era was the bomb...we had some awesome people extend from that

    Velma MassenburgMilton Grimes was an alumni of Luther Jackson. He became the attorney for Rodney King.

    Diane E. Friedlander Goodridge Pete Schourek, MLB pitcher for Mets, Reds, Astros, Red Sox & Pirates during the 1990s. Lived next door; I babysat him and his brother when they were little. He graduated from Marshall probably in '87 or thereabouts. Very nice family, esp. Pete's dad -- after I moved away he would look after my folks, and shovel their driveway everytime it snowed.

    Carla Haslam Herkner Mom taught Mika Brezenski at Springhill Elementary School in McLean - 5th grade. She was a bright, inquisitive, spunky 5th grader and we now love to watch her on "Morning Joe" on MSNBC. Go Mika!

    Steve Cassandra Dave Grohl Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age went to Thomas Jefferson High School. Not an Alumi as he dropped out to become famous showing you don't always need a high school/college education :)

    Drew HeymanAlice Cooper and Iggy Pop both played at the Friday night dances at the Episcopal Church back in 1969-70 just as they were breaking in or out. Imagine that kind of talent playing for a bunch of high school kids. BITD...

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  • Dave Grohl, bigtime musician. Is a friend of my son-in-law, Scott Frey. Scott used to play in a band with Dave. Dave still has a house in Alexandria. My son-in-law also played with James Brown band in S.C. when Brown's drummer was ill. Great history here.

  • One of the guys in the christian group DC Talk lived in Falls Chruch somewhere way younger then any of us.lol

  • I went to a Beach Boys Concert in 1964 at the Alexandria Roller Rink & a group called the Mug Wumps opened the show. A short while later, they became the Mamas and the Papas.

  • Another Christian singing star, Scott Wesley Brown grew up in the Sleepy Hollow neighborhood. His parents, Dot and Len Brown, ran Hosanna Ministries which brought a lot of the Christian concerts to the DC area.

  • The DC Talk guy was Toby McKeehan, now known as Toby Mac...grew up in Annandale near Hummer Road

  • i went to grace episcopal church in alex with jim morrison in the late 50's. his dad was like an admiral and jim hated him.

  • Patricia I went to Grace in the late 60's early 70's. Did you know Father Merrow?

  • Katie Couric went to Yorktown HS

  • Leo Kottke went to Jeb Stuart as did Mike Bragg former punter for the Redskins

  • Actress Lauren Graham (The Gilmore Girls, The Pacifier, Bad Santato name a few) graduated from Langley High School in 1985

  • Meg Register FCHS Class of 79 or 80,she went on to model and act...was in Running Scared with Billy Crystal BITD!

  • Shirley MacLain (Shirley Beatty) and Warren Beatty were from Richmond, but moved to Arlington. Shirley MacLain graduated from the old Falls Church High School with my father (RIP). Warren Beatty was a bad ass and "hoodlum" who barely graduated from Washington-Lee High School with my mother. Sally Quinn, writer, lived next door to my mother when she was growing up. My uncle, Thomas Conlin, is a famous Conductor/Artistic Director and Grammy Award Winner (Contemporary Classical). He guest conducts around the world now and has new album coming out, and probably another Grammy to add to his other awards.

  • Judy Chavez -- I was also at that Beach Boys concert in Alex., sitting far up front. Typically for the time, there was onstage friction amomg some of the members, mostly instigated by Dennis, who I for awhile thought was going to come to blows w/ Carl.

    Re The Mugwumps, only Cass and Denny went on to be part of The Mamas and the Papas

  • Dian Parkinson, one of the "Vanna Whites" of The Price Is Right. She graduated from FCHS in 1964 as Diana Lyn Batts, went on to become Miss World USA in 1965, then gained some notoriety by claiming Bob Barker forced her to have sex to stay on the show. She sued him, then gave up, claiming it was too expensive to pursue. You'd never have guessed there was beauty queen material there in high school. She was shy and rather plain, a complete unknown in the social world of FCHS at the time.

  • How lucky was I as she sat right behind me in home room!!! Being a mormon, her parents didnt allow her to participate in homecoming & other beauty pageants....married Bob Parkinson who was a WEAM DJ before "moving On"....

  • I remember a friend of mine was taking guitar lessons from Mr. Batts and he was given an autographed picture of Dianna Batts with her Miss USA ribbon and crown on. I thought that was the coolest thing. (I was in the 5th grade then!)

  • Ralph, I remember "running into" Diana at 7 Corners' Shopping Center after she became Miss World. I, not knowing that she was Miss World, said something like, "and what have you been up to?" Her reply was that she had just won the Miss World. Hysterical...I said I was at Lynchburg College - close to the same cigar, right?

  • LOL! Love that story, Mary.

  • Lee Usilton one of the founders of the original "Hooters" was FCHS '73, whatever you thing about the "enterprise". Local hero Tom Principato was FCHS '70. Of course Doors front man, Jim Morrison was an Alexandria guy

  • Tom Principato is probably the most famous FCHS alumni from the 70s.

  • Julie Murphy, Marshall Graduate, sings for Eddie From Ohio.

  • Not sure if this qualifies for "famous" but Jason Witten from Vienna is a Dallas Cowboy #82.

  • Jeff Place, two time grammy winner and two time nominee in the category of liner notes and historical recordings is from there too!

  • Any relation here to Mary Kay Place?

  • Actually, we are supposed to be related in some way to Mary Kay Place, but Jeff is related to me!

  • Figured there aren't that many "Places" around!

  • GCM '70 Alumni - "Harry M. Dailey, 51, a bass guitarist who played and sang with Jimmy Buffett’s Coral Reefer Band and was a co-author of the Buffett hit “Volcano,” died of an apparent heart attack April 18 at his home in Falls Church. He had suffered over the years with illnesses that included the Epstein-Barr viral ailment." Grew up in Pimmit HIlls.

  • I worked for Tom's Dad at his law firm. Wonderful man!

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