Did you send clothes to Marytza Susi?

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  • Found this on "Selling, Trading and Loving gDiapers" facebook page:

    Marytza Susi

    im helping my wife with her sells her facebook is marytza susi

    im selling my sons clothes newborn threw 2t and shoes newborn and up hats socks infants to toddler ALLOT ARE NAME BRANDS ALLOT ARE NEW WITH TAGS AND NEW JUST WASHED NEVER WORN and toys TONS OF NEW TOYS dvds vhs movies and BABY THINGS AND BABY PRODUCTS ALLOT OF NEW AND BREAST PUMP ETC formula and i have formula checks and tons of coupons also ADD ME ON FACEBOOK PICTURES OF THE THINGS ARE IN MY PAGE i forgot to mentioned tons of her nieces clothes and shoes to shes 3 everything she outgrew or doesnt need now

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  • what the ?!?!

  • That lady is crazy! Looks like she is selling things people gave to her!!

  • I know, I'm thankful I didn't fall for her scam. I'm just so heartbroken that I'm sure some mama's are pinching pennies like me had good heart and sent her clothes hoping for the Amazon coupon in return. Ugh.

  • She was selling her sob stories about being in an abusive relationship and now her husband is such a dear to sell things for her. Bah.

  • Looks like it's been deleted. Just hoping people aren't going to send her money and get nothing in return.

  • Too bad money didn't fall into her hands, otherwise you could have filed with her local police for internet fraud.

  • it's on the amazon mom page too

  • where on the amazon mom page? i'm totally curious

  • She sent me a message:

    Marytza Susi April 1 at 10:58am Report

    hey by the way the shoes we traded arent on sale cus my son still not that size and stuff i traded for codes was with 2 moms i trade codes for clothes thanks if u really wanted to know

    Lol, I have never traded or given anything to her. This is sad, just proof that mama's really did send her stuff.

  • Marytza Susi April 1 at 11:00am Report

    never mind ur son looks like a lady i swapped shoes for

    and then she insults a baby! sad sad low life woman.

  • Marytaza, DO NOT PM ME AGAIN! We have never had a "transaction" and never will.

  • She is so sad people are calling her out that she takes it out on a baby. Smh.

  • She just PM'd me too! I have never traded anything with her either!!

    Here is what she said

    i traded two moms for clothes for codes and im not trading does if you must know

    Marytza, DONT PM me again!!

  • main page... but u need to click the open of looking at everyone not just amazon mom.

    it was there last night.

    she just msged me too... guess she's reading this page.

    Marytza Susi April 1 at 11:00am Report

    i traded two moms for clothes for codes and im not trading does if you must know

  • Stella you can block her

  • I just blocked her!

  • thanks! i just did.

  • whats wrong with her selling things? even if they were given and she doesnt need them or doesnt fit, why cant she sell?

  • Miranda, she scammed a lot of people.

  • I know in the end she tried making things right by giving back some codes because people started bashing her, but she was still continuing the scamming elsewhere.

  • oh yeah thats horrible! i see mommas have a cult against her hahaha ;-)

  • where was her original post?? i've never heard of her!

  • alycia- be glad that u have never heard of her!! she was driving us crazy w/ tons of her ridiculous postings and on top of that scamming other mommies too! one big bad rotten apple!!!

    marytza- if you're reading this, don't act all innocent!!

  • Her "husband" or whoever is posting all over and just saw him post on Carter's page too. She is crazy.

  • She's on Canada Swap Mamas too!

  • she pm'd telling me if i still wanted to trade with her lol lol yeah right......

  • She Pmd me to, Funny thing, In the beginning she was trying to get 12-18 month clothes from me for her son. So why is she selling up to 2T.

  • LOL lazette did you respond? LOL LOL

  • I told her not to PM me again and I was blocking her.

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