what is atheists problem ?

  • i just wanna know why do atheists get so offensive whenever anybody talks to them about a religion and what is their problem exactly why do the refuse i want to gather as much info as i can about this , it seems that the majority of athist that i talk to are bunch of "yolo"s who are just afraid to think of death and want to do whatever they want in this life without any rules no matter what and the idea of an after life and punishment/mercy and heaven after death makes tem fell bad , or just gay people that claim that being gay in a natural thing ( but in religion its not and as a humain being i dont think being gay is something we are born with ) adn the third type is people that know about science and whenever i tell them about real life facts being mentioned in the quran and i give them proof that made millions of non bielvers become muslim , they start making fun of it and does not even give a rational explination of why they refuse ... any comments ? please say whatever you want and critisize but never make fun of my religion or anything that has to do with it . thanks

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  • Sorry, Fayez, but there is difference between talking and discussing and preaching. And if yoiu can not discuss then that is your problem!

    And ridiculous believes arec not deserving of respect. Religions are not people and there for have no right to respect. You are trying to inflict the laws of your religion on us, outsiders who do not have to follow that religion!

    And in the question of being gay:

    When did you decide to be heterosexual?

    Can you tell me?

    If you say: You don't know or you were born that way, it is safe to assume that gays are just the same:

    Born that way!

    And the usual accusation tha we just deny god to do whatever we want and that makes us immoral:

    I today have exactly murdered stolen rped and pilidged as much as I wanted.

    Is the polce now looking for me?

    No, because I have not done anything like it.

    I am a normal law abiding citizen, and have drive to do anything against the law. And that in most countries counts as moral behaviour!

    And about your veiled thread of hell: Ever been afraid of the christian hell?

    No, then you know how I think about your muslim hell!

    I have no reason to assume that there is anything like an afterlife, so why should I give it any thought?

    And your mentioning of: MIllions of believers: Ad populum fallacy, ever heard of it?

    And I have cut down your science examples at the root, because even if I would grant them, it is an argument from ignorance fallacy that you are making, claiming knowledge, when you have non!

    The qur'an quite simply is NOT evidence for your god!

  • lol...Jesus fucking Christ you're a moron. You just came here to troll an atheist forum and try to get a rise out of people who reject your joke of a religion. Get educated then maybe you can hope to have a proper conversation with people who want to discuss things other than your book of fairy tales and nonsense.

  • Dear Fayez:

    You really need to see someone :/

  • Fayez,

    Your done trolling here, please leave the forum or I will ask an admin to ban you.

  • Never make fun of your religion? Or anything that has to do with it? Really?!?!?!?! Why on earth not? You do not seem to have the slightest problem belittling atheists or throwing us all into one of three categories that are clearly intended to be insulting. But... we're not supposed to make fun of you? You are allowed to belittle our lack of religion (on an atheist interest site no less!) but we can't say anything bad about your religion? That's absolutely preposterous!!! Are you even listening to yourself? I am a reasonable man. But if you ever post on this interest site again without a sincere apology to EVERYONE on it first, I promise to make ruthless fun of your religion on principle.