The God Gene

  • I noticed in a debate from a few months ago that a theist used the god gene hypothesis as a proof that god exists and atheists actively turn from god to deny his existence.

    Leaving aside the fact that this hypothesis is based on a single study and so is highly questionable, the theist shows a complete misunderstanding of the hypothesis.

    1) The author of the hypothesis states he was looking to prove the gene exists and in no way does this prove the existence of a god.

    2) In fact a physical parameter to connect to an actual god excludes the concept of a soul. This would be a major problem for most if not all religions.

    3) Such a gene is supposed to predispose people to mystic feelings. It says nothing about those sensations being real. In fact it is a strong indicator that the feelings are NOT real- a tangible (non-deist) God should be detectable through the standard senses.

    4) The study showed a correlation between the gene and religion/spirituality/mysticism. This means only some people had this gene expression. If this was a special conduit to God it means God favours certain kinds of people based on their ancestry. Again this is a problem for most religions.

    In the end the best argument a theist can use with respect to the god gene is that the study is unproven and such a gene may not exist.

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