Spilling my guts(you guys probably know way more than me)

  • hi im alexis. sorry if my sentence structure sucks as well as punctuation. I just loveeee to talk about religion. I have always struggled with the idea that a deity created our universe, because its obviously bull shit. Duh, EVERYTHING was created by chance chemical reactions, and it probably took a couple 500000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 tries. After having said that I feel silly for saying idk if im agnostic, or an atheist (not that there's a whole hell of a lot of difference).

    All around me I have friends and family who truly believe in jesus and god(ugh so annoying,) so I find myself trying to look at the situation from all angles. Trying to reason why there are sooo many religions, and other stupid things. So whatever, im going to stop trying to write well, and im just going to state whatever points I think I have.

    Even if there were a god it doesn't mean he is a good, or fair god(just because were told he is)..he could be the evil manipulative mf... just if, ya know?

    addressing the idea of multiple religions and it being ridiculous....if it were possible to have one god then its conceivable there could be many gods with different followers and rules. something...idk

    also im pretty sure that the answers people think they get are surely their own psyche, just because the answers seem to be predictable when it comes to questions asking god wtf is going on...if anybody knows what I mean... because ive actually tried to believe(I know,) and there was no way I could wrap my head around truly believing in something so abstract

    also whats so wrong with just being dead, seriously I prefer it. its not like your going to be sad about the life you've left behind

    and if I were to be in heaven what happens when my son kills himself and hes sent to hell, or my daughter ods on heroin and goes to hell..... I feel like that would be an issue

    also if I am wrong, then I feel like I would get used to the fire.....

    also!! after watching star trek voyager, their care taker sparked some ideas. especially because he dies!! if you've watched

    welp I feel like ive spilled half my guts, but majority of this is irrelevant because there is no way in hell I would believe that god created us.(if I were to believe in a creator, it would be an alien creator..which I also doubt) so sorry if this was mind numbing, either way, I am a good person without religion, and with everybody around me believing, I crave other peoples ideas and perspectives in their doubt

    so if you've actually read this then I love you, and write back (again sorry about sentence structure and what not)

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  • also!!! we have no purpose..o well

  • Just to let you know, yes I read your post. There are some excellent areas of scientific research which answer some of the points you imply (such as why people believe in gods, why do people believe in a soul). I recommend that you look at some of these. In my experience most atheists are ignorant of fundamental points such as where morality originates as well as the two points I mentioned above.