Signs you are following the one true religion

  • I'm interested if anyone can see flaws in this logic.

    Signs you are following the one true religion:

    1- your religion does not rely on faith. Faith is only relevant in the absence of evidence. If you have no evidence then you have no substance to your belief.

    2- your religion is completely compatible with agreed science. Science is simply a systematic process of measuring reality. If your religion disagrees with the facts then it is fiction.

    3- your religion completely includes and explains all types of people. This is an extension of point 2. Killing in the name of God is a tautology. Belief and understanding is not biased towards a particular culture, character, intelligence, sex, as well as disability, illness etc.

    4- the meaning of life and creation is self evident in all things and all beings. Consequently- The only possible outcome of the universe is to achieve God's intended outcome; God's message does not require a minion as a publicist, whether or prophets of any kind; Blasphemy is a logical absurdity.

    5- if knowledge of God is important in the religion then everyone without exception is aware of God without doubt, exception or equivocation. If speaking to God is important than everyone is aware of this ability without exception. If listening to God is important then everyone is aware of God's voice without exception or the need for an intermediary (see point 4). If following God's laws are important than these laws are innate, in alignment for all and unequivocal.

    6- if prayer for change is supported by the religion then that change is statistically measurable.

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  • I would tend to agree with your list. However, since no religion I've heard of can get past premise number one, I think it's safe to say there exists no true religion at this time.