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  • The Bible is a confusing text to read in the context of the 21st century. Already there is a great dispute on the empirical truth that the Bible epitomizes or the conflict within the different Gospels. From the Old Testament to the New Testament, the Bible has gone through numerous translations and interpretations propagating a 15th century agenda. As such we have deduced that the Bible was written for 15th century and the writers were influenced by conditions of the time. These authors of the Bible wrote under a repressive Roman Empire, they wrote for the gallery and it was empirical for them to write their truth in parables and tales so that the master could not be offended. We live in a different era, a free epoch and our issues are different therefore we need to have a Bible for the 21st century that address modern issues of our time.

    For a rational mind, it is hard to reconcile faith of the Bible when most of the biblical practices do not resonate well with most readers. For starters women have been given a subliminal role in the Church yet many would argue that they hold the chalice to the church. These are your Mary’s, Rebecca, Jezebel and Mary Magdalene among others. The woman most of the times is characterized as conniving,promiscuous,obedient whose only role is to either bring forth off springs or to lead men into sin. The man on the other hand has been depicted as the ‘head’ while the woman is the neck. The chauvinism that we experience today is a result of a Bible that is skewed to favor the male. Any text written by women is considered hypocrisy. There is no equality of the sexes in the Bible, the male-‘umma’ is superior and the female-‘femma’ is inferior.Isnt this misogyny?

    The Bible for Liberals should address LGBT rights, racial equality, discrimination, establish the role of faith rather than church, re-look the concept of prayer viz a viz thought and action, do away with phenomenon of miracles that do not make scientific sense and embrace those teachings that champion moral law and virtue. So was Jesus the Son of God? Was he born of a miraculous birth? Did the ten plagues happen in Egypt? These are some of the controversy that characterizes the Bible as it is today. The aim of The Bible of Liberals is not to argue such hullabaloo but to put such issues in a different light. For instance, Judas has been illustrated as bad person, in the Bible of Liberals he will be a critical cog in establishing the will. The will hereby represents God. Even in the writing of the Old Testament, most gospels were written according to interpretation of different people such as Mark & Luke. If these gospels were incontrivable truths, don’t you think they shouldn’t be termed as ‘according to’? So we are rewriting these gospels according to our time, the 21st century.

    The Bible in its current state does not make sense to most rational people-it’s too complex and riddled with mysticism, magic, taboo, culture and secrecy. This being said there are valuable lessons from the fables that are told in the Bible, if only they were simpler and more modern for a 21st century audience. I particularly like the story of the beatitudes, the parables among others. Probably the Bible needs to be an epic novel like The Lord of the Ring that only espouses moral teaching in a less snazzy and dramatic way.

    A lucid Bible written by a team that comprised of free thinking women and men will be more cogent to 21st century audience. This is an arduous task yet noble that needs a team of individuals burning the midnight oil to rethink the whole philosophy of the Bible and the cold hard truth is we need funds in order to make this happen.

    We project that if we raise $20000 or more within the 40 days, we will be able to finish The Bible of Liberals within 4 months after this campaign ends. The more we raise for this campaign the shorter it will take for us to finish rewriting the Bible.

    This body of work will be made available for free to people who contributed to this campaign therefore please inbox your email address to .Mark all mail as ‘The Bible of Liberals’.

    ‘We sure will make the Pope peel off his skin’.

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